Just some guy practicing VO from his bedroom in the Netherlands.

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About DavieDaveMan

I generally tend to have somewhere between a baritone and bass voice, but I am more comfortable acting while using a bass voice.
I am somewhat able to do audio editing to fix certain aspects of my voice lines, but a proper editor for projects is always appreciated.
When it comes to availability, you can usually reach me anywhere during the daytimes for the Amsterdam CET timezone.

If you feel the need to contact me for whatever reason, you can do so at:

Discord: daveva (recommended)
My twitter at: @DavieDaveMan (very rarely checked)
Or simply send me a DM on CCC (checked at least once every other day)

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Deb Munro
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang
What DavieDaveMan is looking for

Honestly, just whatever role seems fun and allows me to play around with different types of voices.

  • @deleted597395

    Dave is a man with many voices; not just any voices; he's the man with a voice of depth and variation. He delivers his work with accurate precision and submits to correction and suggestions when needed. He does not disappoint and takes his work seriously no matter how grand or small the project may be. With his potential, I can see him accomplish a great deal of voices in just one sitting. There's more to his voice that has yet to be discovered!

  • @ellireads

    I have worked on multiple projects with Dave, both as fellow VAs and as project manager. I can attest to his great quality acting and audio. He keeps the deadlines and is communicative. Definitely recommend!

  • @dakotapowellvo

    Dave and I have known each other from the start of our journey as voice actors. What started out as a peer in a voice acting class grew into a friend who is a constant figure of encouragement in my life. From the first time I witnessed him acting it was apparent that he had immense talent. His voice can bellow with the might of a crashing waterfall and then shift to a caring and sensitive father figure at the drop of a hat. He gives his all in everything he works in and it shows. 

    I am very proud to have witnessed the evolution of Dave through the time we have known each other. Recently, he started taking classes with the extremely talented Deb Munro, and the very first time she heard his voice and acting ability her jaw dropped and she immediately offered to make his demo reel with him. I can try my best to sell you on Dave, but nothing is more indicative of his raw ability than that!  

  • @thebawb

    I had the pleasure of managing Dave on a Skyrim mod project. Right from the beginning, it was apparent that he makes great effort to absorb himself into the character he's playing. He fit the role so perfectly that I simply can't imagine casting anyone else.

    Dave also proved to be extraordinarily reliable and efficient. His character had an enormous amount of lines and he tackled them with enthusiasm and dedication, often submitting his recordings well ahead of the established schedule. Overall, I highly recommend him!

  • @okemian

    Dave has been such a great help for my project, he brought by far the best take on the character and not only delivered his lines promptly but even provided additional copies with some unique effects he thought would work - and boy did they - and taught me some useful information I didn’t know as a beginner to this sort of thing. Couldn’t have asked for a better actor.

  • @cgy95

    I worked with DavieDaveMan on my Fallout New Vegas mod: The Deterrent where they voiced a Super Mutant called Larry. They were able to provide a performance that captures the player's attention and doesn't it let go until all dialogue is exhausted. It was a pleasure working with them and they were a total professional. If you're a director and you see they've auditioned for your mod, make sure you consider selecting DavieDaveMan!