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I am a Voice Actor
I have a deep, authoritative, commanding voice as well as a laid back and smooth. It just depends on the role.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male adult
Voiceover artist 🎙✨ Let’s have fun! 🌙🏳️‍🌈She/He/They
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Bio & Background
Hola hola guys, my name is Caro Cabal Coniglio 🐰 Please call me Caro! I hope to work with you on fun future projects! 4649!~

Based in Gunma, Japan, hailing from Queens, New York.Hispanic New Yorker (Colombian/Peruvian mix).
Gender fluid (She/Her/He/Him/They/Them). 

Fluent in English and Spanish, with a high proficiency in Japanese. 

Voice RangeAble to do a variety of voices, from cutesy-ball-of-energy kids to grungy, tough, fierce women of power. Vocal range anywhere between toddler to elderly ancient magician,  normal range is somewhere between 18-35. 

Interested in...
Animation, games, commercial work, dubbing, singing, audiobooks, YouTube/podcast channels, educational works, you name it! 

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Please DO NOT DM me on Discord unless I have explicitly given you my Discord information through ...
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
With a wide vocal range, years of training, and a passion for the art of voice over, I would be delighted to bring my talents to your projects. 
Profile Picture by Alexia Mitchell.
Speaks: english
Industry Quality for an Indie Cost.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Public VA since 2015Been in games, cartoons, ads, music, etc.
Voice Acting Resume / CV:
Amateur voice actor looking to bring characters and stories to life. I'd love to work with you on your project!
I am a Voice Actor
I've been a storyteller since I was a kid, writing short stories and doing all the weird voices that I come up with for characters. This led me to be a Dungeon master for DnD so I could actively build worlds with others and use all my wierd voices that I tend to do when I'm alone in my house, generally while talking to my cats.
I love narration, deep characters, and huge world building with lore. These are the things that get me excited when I look at projects I want to work on. Overall, I want to bring enjoyment and entertainment to people who just need a moment to relax from the weirdness of life whatever that may be.
I'd love to work with you. I'd love to bring your characters, world, and story to life. Let me help you create a something that people will love for years to come.
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audio editing reaper
I am a Voice Actor
Hi, welcome to my page! I'm a 26 year old Canadian voice actor.I've also done narration for Audible, Pocket FM, and Wehear.

From 2020-2021 I was the English dub voice for Nastya's Dad on "Like Nastya Show"
Besides voice acting, I like watching movies, television and playing video games.
Thanks for taking interest in me!  Feel free to send a message.
Speaks: english
Specializing in voiceover work in video games and television/series, animation and fictional characters - aspiring to bring characters to life with my voicing capabilities. find more of my work over on TikTok -
I am a Voice Actor
Hi! I'm Dan - thanks for stopping by! I am a 21-year-old Voice Actor, aspiring to do it full time. I have been in the industry since 2018 and completed various projects in:•Character Acting•Games•Films•Television•Documentaries•AdvertisementI am always eager to learn more and grow further as a Voice Actor, any questions or potential hires, please send me a message :) (Important Links Below)TikTok - -
Speaks: english
Stage, Screen and Voice Actor 
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Cooper is a Voice Actor and Voice over artist based in Sydney, Australia. 
Having grown up being enamored cartoons like Batman, Spider-Man and X-Men as well as the classic anime Dragon Ball Z and Cowboy Bebop, Cooper was introduced the world of voice acting at a young age. 
Cooper's voice over working includes, playing multiple characters across the Video game Killer Gin as well as Prince Triam in Starflint. He portrayed Baxalyne, The Hand of the Archon in the Three Chances Audio Drama and the assassin Matthew in the first episode of the Grimloch Radio Play.

Cooper's recent theatre work includes the role of Jimmy in the two-hander, The Snow Angel of Antarctica, directed by Alex Chambers. In Charlie Vaux's Bad Smoke, he played both Julius and Gordon. Cooper's prior theatre work involves playing ten different characters in Caryl Churchill's Love and Information at the Belvo...
Voice Actor, Realtor, Musician, Mongolian Throat Singer.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Audio Engineer
My name is Jackson Kesecker and I am a Voice Actor. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and I have a double minor in Communication Studies and Music. I have experience in Audio Engineering and I have taken Sound Design courses at my college in which I learn about recording and music/audio technologies. I am proficient in using DAWs such as Audacity, Studio One, and Ableton Live and I generally know my way around a computer.
I have been interested in Voice Acting since High School more particularly for video games, especially after playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is my favorite video game of all time, bar none. When I expressed my interest of voice acting to someone in the industry they referred me to Casting Call Club and so here I am! :)
Here is my Discord: Macbeth#5500Wesbite:
Voice Description: male young adult
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hey there!
I'm ThatBunnyDude, and I like to make comic dubs on YouTube as a hobby. Sometimes I'll come here if I feel like using it for certain projects lol
What makes my videos stand out more from other creators is that I edit the comic dubs with comedy edits and timing (most of the time). Also into Grunge, Punk, Metal, all that good shit. XD

Speaks: english
Sindri Phu
From a grumpy man in his mid 30's to a nerdy guy who just bought tons of new anime figurines.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Hi, my name is Sindri or Creative, located in Iceland. I'm an amateur voice actor who's been working on and off for the past 2 years, and always eager to learn and work with others in both film industry and voice over projects!

Age - 21Language - Vietnamese (Low level proficiency), Icelandic, English
About my self: Besides, voice acting, I have interest in video games, movies & TV's shows and anime. In my spare time I do video editing my self every now and then.
Discord: creativename_real
Email: sindriphu / (Due to CCC's censorship on emails, please replace "/" with "@". Thank you, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.)
Thank you for visiting my page, hope to work with you!
Voice Description: male young adult
Skills and Interests: video editing voice acting
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi, I’m Ryan. I’ve been making videos and short films since I was a kid. I currently work in the news as a full time show director and video editor. I’ve always loved the more creative side of content however and would eventually like to break into that world. As far as voice acting I’ve always loved acting in short films and skits me and my friends have done and with the little bit of audio engineering I’ve had to learn on the job I thought why not try and combine the two and give voice acting a try. 
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: video editing voice acting
they/she --- I am a California based on screen and voice actor! I am 18 years old, and am Asian-Mexican! I'm looking for original animation and video game projects! Read more about me in the about section! Messages are open!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hello! My name is Bella and I have been acting for about 2 years now. Looking to work on some fun projects this year, and I hope to make acting my full time career! I speak fluently in English and Spanish. Messages are open for any projects you would like to collaborate on! Will not accept all, but feel free to send me an invite with all of the information! (Would also love to direct some projects and write! I have a ton of ideas, and know a lot about directing and scripts! Check out my showcased submissions to see my range!Projects currently in Production:On screen work:Luz de la Luna - Paula (Supporting) - dir;Francisco AlvarezVoiceover work:Parched - Bow (Supporting) - dir; OxxinParadoxical Galaxies - Sarah (Lead) - Golden Room StudiosHouse of Hell- Maliz (Supporting) - Mechanical Wolf StudiosQueen of the Bugs - Tarin (Supporting) - dir; Givasti HawkingPet Academia - Allie (Lead) -...
Hi, I'm Lance. I'm a 26 year old voice actor. If you have any questions about me, just ask! Here's my Animation Voiceover Demo Reel on Youtube:
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi, I'm Lance. I'm a 26 year old voice actor.I'm currently the voice of Victor in Radiant: A Metaethical Odyssey - Instagram: Tik-Tok: studied Theatre, with a concentration in Performance and Directing, at Northwestern State University from 2017 to 2019.
I use a Rode NT1 and Scarlet 2i2.I edit my audio using Audacity/FL Studios 20.
Speaks: english
Voiceover artist based in North Carolina. Let's tell a story....
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
I have performed in theatre and musicals since I was a kid. I'm a fan of voiceover first, growing up in the tail-end of the Saturday morning cartoon era. Bringing my passion for storytelling into the world of VO is what I live for. I also love to sing, growing up in church and school choir and doing acapella.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male young adult
Skills and Interests: baritone (singing)
Passionate Voice Actor & Writer | Naturally Deep, Gravelly Voice | Diverse, Dynamic & Dying to Bring Your Characters to Life
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Live Actor
I'm a New Orleans native with a lifelong love for voice acting, stemming from my early fascination with cartoons and video games. Voice acting isn't just a job for me; it's my absolute passion. I have a naturally deep and gravelly voice, complemented by the ability to create a wide range of characters, accents, and emotions.One of the things I love most about voice acting is the opportunity to lose myself in a role. I relish the moments when I step into the recording booth and become a madman, a hero, or a villain, bringing characters to life with every word and emotion.
As a writer, I bring a unique perspective to my voice acting, allowing me to connect deeply with the scripts and narratives I perform. Whether it's a video game character, a commercial spokesperson, an animated hero, or the narrator of an epic audiobook, I'm committed to delivering the best performance every time.W...
Speaks: english
none of you seem crazier than the florida men. yet.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, Writer, and Live Actor
hi there! i go by lots of names, but you can call me tay!!
i've always had a passion for bringing stories to life - no matter whether that plants me in the role of a script writer, tech manager, or actor. i have a moreso feminine voice, and am capable of performing multiple accents and mezzo-soprano showtunes.
Speaks: english
An aspiring Actor and Voice Over Artist
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Joshua has worked on a variety of different productions including Much Ado About Nothing directed by Leon Trayman, and a commercial for PLUS Supermarket directed by Ismael Heuvel.  Joshua is keen to progress in his career as an actor for stage, screen and voice acting.
Speaks: english
Accents: british
Actor, creator, lover of things :) 
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Hello hello, it's me, Anna G!My name is Anna, and I am a 23 year old professional actress in the southeast region, and am interested in working on building my voice over skills and credits!I graduated from Elon University with a degree in Acting in the Spring of 2023 with a minor in Cinema and Television Arts. While I love acting on screen and on stage, I have always loved doing impressions of different characters and thought it would be cool to put them to good use ;) One of my actor friends referred me to this site and here we are!- voice sits at a mid female voice range naturally, possessing both youthful and mature qualities and a dynamic range of characters- some of my favorite character types include evil azula-types, sassy and confident, maybe slightly unhinged girlbosses (think miss girl in my profile pic ;), goofy but love-able young male protagonists, and dead-beats- fast co...
Speaks: english