JigglyJai The Male Jigglypuff Lover

JigglyJai The Male Jigglypuff Lover

Your Favourite Australian Male Jigglypuff Loving Voice Actor

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About JigglyJai The Male Jigglypuff Lover

Hello, Fellow Jigglypuff Lovers and Future ones alike! I am JigglyJai, an Autistic beginner voice actor who loves Pokemon, (Especially Jigglypuff, that sweet Normal/Fairy Type Balloon Pokemon of course.) but I feel like I learn more every time I audition or record some lines, so I could have a bright future ahead!  I'm also an Australian citizen, but actually have a bit of an American voice, too! I guess it's from all those American shows and movies! I am PG-13 materiel, too, BTW. You can get me to say some bad words, but I don't want to say anything too explicit for kids or young teenagers. I choose to only audition for stuff that is not rated 18+. Wish me luck, Jigglypuff Lovers and Future Jigglypuff Fans alike! And I hope to wish YOU luck too! Peace!

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