Voice Actor, Musician, and Some Other Third Thing

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About Chaztel

I'm a VA and musician based out of Northwest Ohio. I look forward to yelling into my mic for you 😄!

Master Class - 2022

Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting

Instructed by Nancy Cartwright

Course Description: "The legendary voice actor reveals her creative process for giving life to animated characters with emotion, imagination, and humor."


  • PER WORD RATE: $00.25 per word

  • PER LINE RATE: $4.00 per line

  • PER HOUR RATE: $150.00 per hour


  • ADDITIONAL TAKES: +$5 for every line re-recorded (First two takes are FREE)


What Chaztel is looking for

I joined CCC to voice act, voice-over, write music, and play music. As a professional graphic designer, I want to use these abilities to help fund my life with my partner so we don't have to struggle as hard with little payments like gas and groceries. 

Voice-over-wise, my specialties are Optimistic Protagonists, Gruff Rivals, Cold A.I.s, Shrill Villains, Neurotic Tinkerers, Jovial News Anchors, 1920s Radio Hosts, and many more !

I can also provide your project with background music, theme songs, original pieces, and covers!


    • Vocals (Lead and Supporting)

    • Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)

    • Bass

    • Cajon

    • Chip Tune

    • Drum Midi


    • Pop Punk/Scene

    • Folk

    • Orchestral

    • Rock

    • Theatrical

    • Theme song/Jingle (specific genre by request)

  • @madmaxminute

    I cast Chaz as Troy and Cornelius Funky, in my Waterworld screenplay dramatized readthrough. He is an excellent voice actor and incredibly versatile. Chaz delivered two very strong performances for two very different roles and did so with very little direction from me, and was quick to deliver alternative reads when requested.