Voice actor, artist, singer and voluntary animator. Known for the Mafia Boss in A Hat in Time: The Musical, Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Meets Phoenix Wright: Legend of the Crystal Turnabout, and Chef Hatchet in Poker Night at the Inventory Z!

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About Swordtee40

I'm an amateur voice actor and artist with a large amount of skill that goes by the name "Swordterranean40" on YouTube. I have decided to not use the name "Swordterranean40" on Casting Call Club because I thought I would get recognized before I started a project, and felt like a name closer to my actual name would sound better and more professional. I also consider myself an amateur, because at the moment, I have not been involved in courses that involve acting, and have only been in animation classes back in my school days.

About Me
I am Canadian, and voice acting and animation have been a huge interest for me. It's been in my interest since I was 19. I have never really been to any courses that involve acting at the moment, but I have a lot of skill for it. So in a way, I'm still beginning. I have been into animation since I was a kid. I still animate to this day, but less often, because animating takes a long time. May end up a whole lot of my time if multitasking on projects. I'm also trying to write/create music as well, but I haven't sang all that often, and never really sang in the past. I've had a few songs in the past, but they were sung badly, off key and off timing. If I try now, it would turn out better than it did in the last 5 years.

I usually like to show off a variety when doing voice work. The type of voices I do differ a lot. The fact that I was born with a wide vocal range. There are many voice actors that have influenced me since the late 2000s. Cartoons of the 90s and various modern anime have also inspired me for voice acting.

Social Media Links:
YouTube: (Main Channel): https://www.youtube.com/user/Swordterranean40
(2nd channel where I express my talent as well, but I mostly work on compilations on this channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2ds5_gpfIXXxgaZxzGB6g
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dontaedraws
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Swordtee40

I don't share my Discord unless I've been cast or considered for a project or role.

Demos & Samples

Previous Voice Work

The best voice work I have provided for projects and myself. These were all in fan projects. Roles heard in audio: Zephyr (Project X Zone Fandub), Roy Koopa, Silver the Hedgehog, Sir Pentious, Entei (If Pokémon Talked), Jay Kidman (Helios Rising Fandub), Gengar (If Pokémon Talked), Litleo (If Pokémon Talked), Mafia Boss (A Hat in Time: The Musical)

Monster Vocals Demo

Need monster vocals for your project? I'd be happy to provide some scary guttural sounds for you!

Animation Voice Demo Reel 2021

With my versatile vocal range, I can provide a huge variety of voices.

Voice clips in order of appearance:

1- Paranoid Young Protagonist

2- Energetic Cartoon Bird

3- British Assassin

4- Large Reptilian Warrior

5- Crazy Villainous Magician

6- Brave Knight

  • @jaijuu

    Don was great to work with! He gave me several takes to choose from, and delivered his work quickly and efficiently. He was open to constructive criticism and approaches challenges positively, not to mention this guy has a wide range to do different voices! This came in handy for playing all the extras in my project. (10/10) !!!

  • @nicholasfosterva

    Wonderful to work with! An excellent voice actor and gets his lines in on time! Do yourself a favor and sign him onto your next project!

  • @thatbusyanimator

    Major-Don (AKA Swordterranean40) is an amazing voice actor! He plays the role of the male leeches, a minor role in the Ingrid the Plague Doctor comic dub, and his voices managed to capture the little rascal voice of the leeches while still giving a good variety for each one. Good mic quality, responds well with criticism, and sends his lines on time for each checkpoint! He did an amazing job, and I hope to work with him again in the next part of this project!

  • @rubyjcat

    Don voiced for my video game dubbing project.
    He had a quick turnaround and timed his lines to the animations perfectly without me having to edit them.
    He understood and performed his role extremely well when it came to balancing the character's personality with the right amount of energy.
    Definitely an actor who will always manage to surprise me with his wide variety of voices!

  • @jimmy-dean-vo

    Don has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He has an amazing vocal range and his delivery really brought the character i case him as to life. If you are seeking a voice actor in your upcoming project, get in touch with him! You won't be disdappointed!

  • @sporiope

    Good voice, good mic quality, good acting in lines. Would love to work with again!

  • @cashlinsnow

    Don is SUCH a talented voice actor! He has an excellent voice range and high-quality audio. He voices for me ongoing in various projects, but larger and smaller roles. I was so impressed the first time I heard him, and I continue to feel that way! He communicates well, he's sociable, and he has a professional attitude for voicing. It continues to be wonderful to have him!

  • @ananimatedgamer

    My boy Swordtee did a phenomenal job as Toadsworth in my SMBZ Dub.Would recommend.

  • @nitemar

    Extremely talented would be an understatement considering Swordtee40 voices two entirely different characters in my project. He really brings the roles he plays to life with colorful and creative voice acting talent, and the sheer range he offers is remarkable. His passion, talent, and dedication are some of the qualities that have made him so splendid to work with!

  • @justin-hollobaugh

    I can't say enough good things about Swordtee40. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a few of my projects. He has always provided clean, high-quality, voice overs. He has played a few different roles and I can always depend on him and the quality of his recording and work. Having a clean and crisp recording is uncommon on CCC and Swordtee40 never fails to deliver. 

    I would enthusiastically recommend Swordtee40 for your projects!