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About ThatBusyAnimator

My name is Diego, an aspiring artist/animator and interested in voice acting. I plan on making content like animations and dubs for all to enjoy. It would be very appreciated if y'all can help me out. I can also voice act some characters for you too!

If you want to contact me, I'm more active on Twitter and Discord! Knock yourself out!

Discord: ThatBusyBoi#2305


  • @nickh

    ThatBusyAnimator, as he goes by on Casting Call Club, has proven to be incredibly capable as a director during our work together. He had reasonable deadlines for the work expected, gave clear and concise criticism on lines he wanted adjusted, and probably most important of all he communicated regularly about everything relating to the project. He was incredibly accommodating when it came to making sure everyone could meet certain deadlines and was ready to be flexible if needed. It was clear from the start of our first meeting that ThatBusyAnimator was serious about seeing this project through, and it reached its completion date about 35 days after being casted. An ambitious goal that we managed to meet, thanks to his admirable directing prowess. Definitely looking forward to any future work together!

  • @silly-serpent

    ThatBusyAnimator is a great director! He communicates very openly with everyone and gives updates on a project consistently. He is also willing to take feedback and suggestions from the cast to make sure that everyone can make a deadline! As an actor, I received specific and precise feedback on my acting from TBA, which is something I really appreciate as an actor! He is a very easy director to work with, ready for absolutely anything! Incredibly organized and thoughtful, I look forward to working with ThatBusyAnimator again!