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Cashlin Snow

Voiceover Talent in the massive ocean of VOs.

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About Cashlin Snow

CONCERNING AI: I do NOT give consent for my voice to be used, cloned, inserted, used, mapped, etc for AI in any format or method. This of course includes, but is not at all limited to, TTS, sampling, cloning, or used to train AI. Please do not even ask me if you can do so. The answer is no.

Closing Credits - 2021


Instructed by June Yoon

Six week course. One of the keys to authenticity in voice acting is embodying the script. You must make the words come out as if they were your own. This course overviews the fundamentals of short-form improvisation and sharpens the abilities to improv: think-on-the-fly or the 'spur of the moment'. Students gain a new self-confidence and additional self-awareness as a person through practicing improv with storytelling and characterization. As a class, the students also learn the collaborative spirit and how to have empathy for others. All these concepts and practices will help the voice actor delivery lines authentically in scripts, as well as quickly work through vague prompts during auditions to convey a character through improv more authentically.

Masterclass - 2020

Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting

Instructed by Nancy Cartwright

Vocal techniques, Vocal identity, Jump-start your career, Creating character voices, Creating distinct characters, Breaking down your script, VA tips for recording, Keeping your character's voice consistent, Performing a range of emotions, The ultimate vocal challenge, Taking your career to the next level, Lessons from a 10 year old boy, Harness your voice

Palace Dawson - 2020

Private Voice Acting Lessons

Instructed by Palace Dawson

Private lessons that combined the concepts and material from Fundamentals and Advanced VA class, with more focus on select topics.

Palace Dawson - 2020

Advanced Voice Acting Class

Instructed by Palace Dawson

Classes lasted a year. Continued with all the topics of the Fundamentals Class at a more challenging level, with new topics/materials: Proper warmups, posture, pacing, enunciation, articulation, and accentuation (clarity when speaking), basic & advanced emoting, breathing techniques, pacing, lung strength & capacity, auditioning, becoming the character, musical performing, improv, sibilance, mic techniques, plosives. Techniques regarding building, consuming, and nuanced emotional performances.

Palace Dawson - 2020

Directing 101

Instructed by Palace Dawson

Reputation, relating, relaying, responding/reviewing performances. Professionalism, explaining, patience, understanding the characters and story, scene building, authority and professionalism.

Palace Dawson - 2020

Voice Acting Fundamentals

Instructed by Palace Dawson

Classes lasted a year. Included proper warmups, posture, pacing, enunciation, articulation, and accentuation (clarity when speaking), mastering basic emoting, breathing techniques, pacing, lung strength & capacity, sibilance, mic techniques, plosives.



Instructed by Various

STEVE BLUM: "Learn the art of Voiceover!"
Pre-recorded video class where Blum reviewed many more foundational, introductory topics concerning voice acting: microphone technique, clothing and jewelry, contrrolling nerves and fear, principles and definitions, professionalism, the changing industry, some more popular industry types, demo reels, agents, and more.


LAU LAPIDES: "Ask an Agent! Ft. Lau Lapides"
A live Zoom seminar in which talent agent and agency business owner Lau Lapides discussed her online talent agency, what she looks for in talent, demo reels, positive talent attributes, networking, coaches, professionalism, and many other such related topics. Limited QnA session from listeners was featured.

Debra Sperling - 2022

Authenticity in Voiceover

Instructed by Debra Sperling

Description from "Debra's renowned 'Authenticity in Voiceover' class creates the opportunity for students to discover their true, authentic voice. Students explore what it means to stop 'acting words' and start making active choices so their words 'act upon' the person they are speaking to. Voice Actors worldwide have made tremendous creative breakthroughs while attending this one-of-a-kind class."


Single 3-hour session with very small, intimite group on a Zoom video call. Debra effectively demonstrates, teaches, and directs people on how to sound genuine, real, non-scripted, and authentic for any commercial script read. We learn to feel, connect, and understand the copy initimately by not only reading/examining it carefully, but by making personal connections to it to 'feel' the script.

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Deb Munro

Voice Acting 201 focused on advanced Emoting, Listening, and Reading. All 3 are crucial to performing, understanding, and interpreting scripts and performances well. Classes contained lecture and interactive readings, critique, and assignments.


I currently offer voicing services for flat rates and hourly rates. Please message to inquire a specific flat or hourly rate for your project. Negotiable, based on the Voice Acting Club's mid-tier Indie Rates guidePlease have proper NDAs, contracts, and agreements for review available at the time of negotiation and discussion.

What Cashlin Snow is looking for

PROFESSIONAL WORK: E-learning, audio books, narration, industrial/corporate, commercial, talking toys, YT/content 'intros', etc.


"FOR FUN" WORK: Sonic the Hedgehog content or 100% original content of many types! Just ask!

  • @beefree

    They had outstanding quality and got the lines back in the perfect amount of time. We were having issues finding a last minute VA but when we finally cased iceytina was perfect for the role, they could be flexible like we needed and was an amazing part of our team!

  • @blustudios

    She is an amazing voice actor! I will most definitely be working with her again. She had so much fun recording lines for Rouge the Bat, she even sent in a blooper reel with her lines. She loves other peoples' work and enjoys being a voice actor. I'm not gonna lie when I say this but I came upon her page when I first started on CastingCallClub and I told myself that I needed Rouge in my story so I could have her voice. She is so talented and I highly recommend! 10/10!

  • @harris-c

    A wonderful voice actor to work with, she was always quick to respond even when I needed a re-take, she was easy to communicate with, and her audio and performance quality were fantastic. Really happy to be working with her, and to have her voice in my work.

  • @doinktv

    Wonderful, talented voice actor! She was quick with her lines and gave it all she had, and I could not have been more happy to have worked with her! I definitely recommend, and it's been an honor to have her voice in my Pilot! <3

  • @smooperd

    An amazingly talented voice actor! She's without a doubt one of the greatest voice actors I've worked with. She has a beautiful range of emotions and voices. She can adapt to any project, any director, and any script. I've worked with her, for her, and she's worked for me. I've seen her grow as a voice actress through training together and I can tell you she's determined. Any script she reads she brings to life and turns into gold. If you're looking for an exceptional voice actor I highly recommend CashlinSnow.

  • @mushrunner

    As an up-and-coming voice actor, I could not have been more blessed to have Cash as one of my first directors.
    I have been working with Cashlin for a while now, ranging from being directed by her, to voicing in the same project as her, to even recently having her as a part of one of my own projects. No matter what, she is always giving her all, always open to new ideas and challenges, and always embracing the role she is given, no matter what.
    Cash is truly one of a kind. I'd recommend her for almost anything and everything. She is versatile in her abilities and never fails to impress me and those around her.

  • @bafooba

    I cast Cashlin as a major character role in a comic dub of mine and was very satisfied with her work!

    She was very up front and professional with her work in my project, proactive and eager to give her best performance and I believe she succeeded!

    If there is one thing that sticks out in my mind about Cashlin is that she was very capable and showed a real desire to put effort in to get the job done and her work ethic and confidence is something I hope to achieve for myself.

    I very much vouch for her ability as an actor!

  • @yoshitails13

    Cashlin is a really talented VA. I see her in some projects she play as like Rouge or Sally, along with other voices. It's really fun voicing along with her in some projects we're in, hoping for more in the future. (:

  • @justvicky

    CaslinSnow is amazing to work with! I provided some extra voices on an upcoming project that she created. Communication was excellent and everything was well organized. I would absolutely recommend working with her on any project!

  • @joshwilksva

    Cashlin is one of the most professional and talented voice actors I've worked with in my short time voice acting! Not only is she incredibly talented but she's always willing to help out and offer advice! Extremely communicative and very approachable, I couldn't recommend her more!

  • @zaxtrem

    She is an amazing Voice Actress as well as an amazing person in general. Every single interaction I've had with Cashlin has been beyond pleasant and top it off with that, she is EXTREMELY responsible. Not once did Cashlin turn in lines after the deadline, there was ALWAYS space for me to judge her lines and get any corrections I'd want done for them before the deadline hit. Not to mention her insanely flexible voice, she was able to voice NUMEROUS characters in my project, with all of them sounding completely different. She has lots of talent and potential to become an even better Voice Actress, you will NOT regret getting her on your project!

  • @swordtee40

    Cashlin Snow is an amazing voice director and voice actor. I have been voice acting for a few projects of hers, and makes sure my own lines are performed correctly. When doing a live direction, she guides me through the script and goes into detail on how certain lines are said. I would recommend her, because she is also a very patient and kind person altogether. Definitely someone I would rely on for voice directing.

  • @the-unexplored-cosmos-project

    Fantastic voice actor! She can deliver lines perfectly! She is fantastic at turning in lines swiftly and is splendid at stating her schedule which makes the whole series more orderly and efficient. Highly recommend her!

  • @riodies

    Cashlin is full of talent, absolutely superb! I have worked along side her several times and she never fails to impress me! She has an amazing range in her voice and can turn every script/ comic to life. She's wonderful to talk to and excellent to work with, I highly recommend getting Cashlin on your team, I promise she will astonish you!

  • @blxssomva

    CashlinSnow was a great help, she was always there to give feedback on my work as well as the other acotrs. Pleasure to have on the team and her voice over work is fantastic! <3

  • @elmerlouise

    For those that have never worked with Cashlin let me say she is a very talented Director, Editor, Producer, Visual Designer, and above all Voice Actor. Cashlin is very professional and an inspiring leader. With every project she is in or apart of she is always very communicative and organized. She is very easy to talk to and loves to not only improve herself, but wants to help improve others. I would definitely recommend working with Cashlin and not only getting the chance to improve your skills with her, but being a part of her great leadership and acting skills. Thank you Cashlin, look forward to working with you again.

    Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Collection #!,
    Cashlin Snow: Voice Director, Video Producer, and Visual Desing as well as Voice actor for Blaze, Cream, Rouge, and Sally.

    I voiced Amy Rose

  • @carabyte

    Cashlin performed in a minor role for my audio drama. An incredibly talented actress, I had the opportunity to do a little bit of live directing with her. Very professional and open to direction. She took on an extra role for this project and absolutely nailed it. Honestly hope to work with her more in the future. Couldn't recommend her more.

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Cashlin voiced a character in one of my Audio Drama. Good audio quality with a fast turn around time. Would definitely recommend and look forward to working with them in the future

  • @captaincat017_

    CashlinSnow is an amazing voice talent who produced high-quality content for my project. Cashlin continuously impressed me with the speed and standard of the required lines. I would wholeheartedly recommend CashlinSnow for your projects.

  • @3greensaviation

    Received lines for a project in a timely manner with a good number of takes to choose from. Voice acting was very profressional and audio quality was good. CashlinSnow was easy to work with and I look forward to working with her again