Super Smash Bros. MUGEN


Join the fight in a massive crossover fighting game of epic proportions! Super Smash Bros. MUGEN is an ambitious fangame created by JTDaddy17 and the generous MUGEN community! The game features all the classic modes you know in Smash Bros. but in a traditional fighting game format with some unique twists that will keep you coming back for more! Especially when there's a roster that has over 100+ fighters with more to come! Fight each other local with friends and family, or online with long distance friends or someone from the other side of the planet and show them who's the better brawler! The jewel of the game is a new story driven Adventure Mode with fully voiced cinematic cutscenes that focuses on 6 heroes that each form a team and eventually band together to stop the Ultimate Threat poised by a deadly syndicate! The Adventure Mode has you fight hordes of enemies, side scrolling levels, Spirit Battles, character battles, and tons of MASSIVE BOSS BATTLES that have a bone to pick with our heroes, when you encounter them, show those bosses who's the real boss! Characters interact and work together and occasionally butt heads with each other in ways that will make fans squeal with glee! It's a game made by fans, for fans! You can join the fight in Super Smash Bros. MUGEN!