Cis-Male VA, 20 y/o, Featured in Slightly Insulting's Spider-Man, Archion, and creator of Mr EMC YouTube channel. 

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About Mr EMC

Hi! My name is Ethan McCabe, and I am a voice actor!

I have been in the acting life for a few years now and started voice acting in 2020.  If you're viewing this from my profile page, feel free to explore! If you're viewing this from a project I posted, explore my profile page if you're interested in me!

Along with being a Voice Actor, I am also a content creator. My first and most popular  project I have created was a comic dub of the graphic novel Kick-Ass. It has garnered nearly 50,000 views across the 8 episodes and the movie, which has garnered over 12,000 views as of October of 2021. I do not offer my editing or my writing skills for work.

  • @spacewiz217

    Ethan is such an incredible person! First, he is genuinely a great person to be around, so fun and kind! Secondly, Ethan is an amazing talent! He's really impressed me with his fantastic performances, he always brings his A-game! In short, get Ethan on your cast! You will not regret it!

  • @brain113

    He absolutely crushed his role in my comic dub. I really enjoyed working with him and I hope to continue to if I'm in need of him to reprise his role. Guy was even nice enough to give multiple takes of a line to work with in the editing room. Truly went the extra mile.

  • @captaincat017_

    Ethan was a pleasure to work with, even though it was a small amount of dialogue I provided. He was amazingly positive and easy to communicate with, a quality I wish for all my project directors to have. There was never a point in time where I doubted my choice to work with him. Would definitely work with him again if given the chance.

  • @carabyte

    Ethan performed in a lead role in my audio drama. He's incredibly talented and great to work with. He brought the perfect amount of energy to bring out the comedy of his character. He got his lines done in a good and timely manner. I can't see any other voice with this character, he really made it his own.

  • @twohearted

    Ethan is an amazing director to work with! He was very upfront about expectations, deadlines, and managed the project with great efficiency. He also did an outstanding job editing the project as well. He gives excellent direction and working with him feels like a fun and rewarding collaboration! Also he is a very nice person! work with him! :)

  • @flappetap

    Amazing Director! Gives clear direction and is always up to communicate.