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About Emcee Voices

Hello there! My name is Matt Clemens, also known as Emcee Voices, and I am a voice actor.

Ever since I was little, I've been doing different voices and have wanted to get into voice acting. I've spent many years refining my voices and working on acting, getting into community theater and the like. Months ago, I got my own laptop and USB microphone, and decided it was the time to pursue my dream!

I'm very versatile and can do many different voices, including many characters from Disney, Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, the Muppets, VeggieTales, and the like. I can also do original voices and sing baritone. I am open to any role, but will only participate in SFW projects.

Some of my voice acting inspirations include Walt Disney, Mel Blanc, Frank Welker, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, Dee Bradley Baker, and James Arnold Taylor.

Since getting started, I've been super fortunate to have been cast in radio dramas, comic dubs, and fan films, mainly centered around Sonic the Hedgehog. These projects have been helmed by super talented people, including Coleiosis, Rachelizzza (Coffee Dubs), Ryu Ematsu, Ocean Amethyst, The Ultimate Voice Actor, TheMultiFandomFangirl, ToniVA (DiamondDubs), LupaTV 645, Willcollex, and many others, and I have made several comic dubs of my own.

Recurring roles include being the voice of Jet the Hawk in Willcollex's animations and the voice of both Dr. Eggman and Knuckles in Roowee's animated series, "Sonic and the Autobots", and I am the voice of Cubot, Professor Gerald Robotnik, and Dave the Intern in Sonic Revolution's live character panels. I have also voiced Sonic on numerous occasions, as well as Shadow, Silver, Vector, Big, Storm, Rotor, E-123 Omega, Metal Sonic, Orbot, Chris Thorndyke, Professor Pickle, and others. Non-Sonic roles include Ratchet from "Ratchet and Clank", Waluigi from the Mario franchise, Goofy and Pence from "Kingdom Hearts", and others.

So, I am embarking on an incredible journey, and would be thrilled to have you come along! See you 'round!

  • @coleiosis

    Matt can whip up some top-notch spot-on voice impressions of many characters, it's no challenge for him!  I'm glad to have him on board my audio plays and look forward to working with him more soon!

  • @toni_va

    Emcee Voices, wow what a guy! He's a wonderful director with a very friendly community. Also, not to mention a brilliant voice actor. I've genuinely have not enough space here to fill how many characters he can voice so amazingly! Including his Disney covers on his YouTube, which are so lovable. Emcee has recently voiced Orbot and Sonic in my Sonic IDW Comic Dubs. Secondly, Goofy and Pence for my Kingdom Hearts dubs. As director he was so great to work with! Same goes for myself, it's been a pleasure to voice in his comic dubs in production and I look forward to continue working alongside him.  I recommend him 100% he's so fun to work with, and professional with all his projects too!

  • @pedroprovina

    I cast Emcee as the Dodo and Extras in my DC meets Looney Tunes comic dub series, and he’s doing a great job with both roles. He’s a VA with loads of range and can play both serious down-to-earth characters and silly cartoony characters. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

  • @fazejdog

    Emcee is a voice actor with an INCREDIBLE range of voices! His vocal range is beyond anything I've ever seen before! He's also very easy to approach and will be more than happy to try out for any project you think he'd be fit for! He gives his best every time and delivers lines when you need them and with incredible quality! Emcee is hands down one of the best voice actors I've gotten the chance to work with and I hope to do so again in the future! If you have a chance to work with Emcee TAKE IT! You WON'T be disappointed!