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About KiChan

Heya, I'm Kiyana!





I have always wanted to delve into voice acting, and during COVID I found the opportunity. I mainly want to dub over animation and provide a voice for your favorite video game. I tend to get cast for a lot of narration, crazy villains, children, and strong females.

I can do masculine and female roles. I have a medium pitched voice with natural rasp, but my range goes from low to high. Emotion is everything, and I am full of it. 
TIME ZONE: EST I record mainly at night/early am. 

Let me give you a wild and wonderful voice.

Payments Methods Available: Paypal, Robux, Cashapp, Venmo


Closing Credits - 2022


Instructed by Brendan Hunter

I have received a certificate upon completion. - 2021

Voice Acting Masterclass For Audiobooks

Instructed by Peter Baker - 2022

Audacity Professional Course

Instructed by Eric Larson - 2023

Voice-Over Marketing

Instructed by Peter Baker - 2022

Learning Audacity Free

Instructed by Prenav Guntunar
UDEMY.COM - 2023

Complete Writing Editing Masterclass

Instructed by Sivakumarr Kannan

I received a certificate upon completion.

UDEMY.COM - 2023

Audio Engineering Basics

Instructed by Kushal Patil


500 Words or less $30 

Video Games

$2-3 per line

Fan projects I do not normally payment, and only audition for certain things. 

What KiChan is looking for

I enjoy anything that gives me that feeling of nostalgia. I'm also a big anime fan, and the dream has always been the same as everyone else's.

  • @tyler-cunningham

    Killua_ki is a ridiculously hardworking and diligent voice actor. She has the mic quality, the voice, and the work ethic to make some seriously big moves in the industry in my opinion. Her vocal and character range is just crazy. You'll want her in your project.

  • @bremea

    killua_ki is awesome and fits the character we had perfectly! She is able to bring life into our character and provide exactly what we needed when we needed it. She's great to work with and a wonderful voice actress. Would highly recommend!

  • @cherrywolfva

    Killua_ki was willing to help even if it was a small role. They sent their lines in really quick and in good quality. Would recommend!

  • @kusooverlord

    killua_ki is a awesome voice actor. She did the role I provided for her at a quick speed and we discussed what kind of voice I wanted for the character to make sure she can do an even better job at the role. I'd totally recommend this person if you want them in your project.

  • @artnobuddy

    Kiyana joined our passion project, Archthrones, to provide a voice or two for some NPCs. She was friendly, well-rounded, and quick with her work. She has a great vocal range for a variety of characters which helps when you are on a budget. Please do keep an eye out for her!

  • @VPJ

    Honestly one of the best people to work with! Fast response, job well done and can provide many types of really great voices, if anyone is looking for an actor for cartoon or realistic voices, this is the girl your looking for, I would come back and definitely work again with her! :D

  • @sassypaddy

    Killua was friendly and provided her lines with clarity and in time. I definitely recommend her.

  • @ulbeam

    Killua_ki did an awesome job on my first project, and was responsive and enthusiastic to be involved with the next when I requested her work again. She knocked it out of the park with both roles she was cast in, and I would definitely encourage you to have her in your project, as well. She very clearly has a passion for this field and has an amazing range, to boot.

  • @jt424

    Ki-Chan voiced Ms. Hall, a police officer in my audiobook "Blood and Flowers" I thought i would never find someone to be a mature, husky-voiced grown woman, but she was perfect. She's amazing at taking direction and wants to make the work as good as possible. I was really impressed with how  quickly she sent me lines, despite her very busy life. She's a professional in every way.

  • @_linkers03_

    She did an amazing job bringing to life the character since the beginning. It was wonderful to have her on this project and our other halo machinimas project to bring more characters to life!

  • @katabelle

    Kichan and I have been friends since her Discord server started. She's a dedicated actress, mother, and friend ♪ You won't be disappointed

  • @kiirby-mariee

    My goodness where do I even began with KiChan she's just simply an amazing person to work with. She is very talented, responsible and a have a great communication. She's a beast for being able to juggle doing her projects helping others on they're projects and also doing voice over for other projects plus dealing with her personal life truly badass in my opinion! She's voiced the fire user and did an amazing job and she's also voicing extra voices. She's always been there for me in my ups and downs and every time an VO had to dropout for personal reasons she would always help me out in finding more talented people to work with! She's also given me advice and suggestions that definitely have helped make everyone have an easier time during the making of this project. She also gives the most honest feedback and if you're looking for someone to give you an honest truth of your voice of your equipment etc etc check her out cause she knows what's up! I hope this isn't the last time we work together and hope to be on more projects with her! I highly recommend her! 

  • @djlostaex

    She's something else, puts her entire soul into acting, she's gifted with a great womanly voice but she's also very talented.

    If you're looking for a girl who can dub, she's the real deal.

  • @fromjoytotheworld

    KiChan turned around audio quickly and was a pleasure to work with. They observed all directions, were kind, efficient and provided a quality performance with varied options. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and hope we can partner again extensively.

  • @kof_digital

    Cast right from audition! Great work! Talented actor! Highly recommend! 

  • @zachary-ct

    I've been in a few different projects with Killua_ki, and I've even been in projects she has written and directed. Killua_ki is great to work with and for, very easy to get along with, amazing range of voices and characters, she offers great constructive feedback and criticism, and always tries to help others improve on their craft.

  • @hayamiofficiall

    I recommend KiChan because they are hard-working and punctual. They commit their time to their task(s) at hand and make sure that their parts are finished before the set deadline.

  • @alleveiate

    KiChan is the best!! I couldn’t recommend a better mentor, director, and fellow voice actor more! She’s incredible managing projects and working alongside others to pump out professional and creative works—if you manage to find yourself in a project with her, you’ll not only be taken care of, considered, and treated as a professional; you’ll find yourself introduced to a community of artists and creators, with multitudinous opportunities to work and make art! KiChan is your go-to for most anything; she’s a passionate force of nature who’s shaking the foundation of the contemporary voiceover scene! 

  • @smashmaster

    KiChan gave a phenomenal performance as Maleficent for my Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Fandub. She nailed the range and emotion! She has also voiced Blaze the Cat for my film Final Fantasy Sonic X Remake: The Story So Far. She is awesome to work with! 100% recommend!

  • @alleveiate

    KiChan is the best!! She's been fantastic at creating original works, giving voiceover artists jobs and a community, and working as the figurehead for her own production company!