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Elise Lepley

Trans Voice Actress with QUITE the range

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About Elise Lepley

⫹ Hello! ⫺

Hello there, a dear viewer of my profile! I am Elise Lepley, a seventeen-year-old trans voice actress who has been doing voice acting/voice engineering for almost six years. I am also a professional audio engineer and amateur creative/voice director.

⫹ Contact ⫺

If you wish to have me on a project, my Discord is usually the best way to get to me but if you want to contact me through email, it is audio.lepleyethan (at) gmail (dot) com

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Voice-Over: $3 Per Line

You can see my audio rates here!

What Elise Lepley is looking for

I am just looking for a great project to work on and to be able to share my talents in the best way possible.

  • @seraphimva

    Chilldude is so amazing! I love that he can do male and female voices all in one go! I really like him!

  • @goldendrago

    Chilldude has the skills to pay bills. The pipes to work with and the sound editing in his repertoire, he has enough expertise for almost any VA project. He has the young energy that can be a great influence for the workplace and I would highly suggest to take him in if you have the chance.

  • @deleted317252

    This Guy, this dude who is chill, and is a TVBunny human, I am an amazing VA for FNaF Character his fillers for his characters are just a yes in my book. Also, he is a really cool dude if you get to know man, so yes.

  • @gmodxtremefan87

    This dude, this dude right here: TheTVBunny has been a real pleasure to work with so far. He is a very cool sound designer as he is a very well and talented VA. The effects he does for the characters depending on how they look: Noice! The sounds that he designs: Awesome. Overall, This guy is a very great VA and I would really recommend this dude.

  • @jptem

    He's a cool dude and a cool VA

  • @xanderalsip

    Ethan is incredible. A jack of all trades, voice actor, voice director, casting director, and audio engineer. His range is impeccable, his audio quality is fantastic, his mixes and masters are amazing. He is extremely charming,  professional, and very talented. I highly suggest Ethan for your project, he will not disappoint!

  • @ghostbabble

    Elise blew me AWAY with their range! It was an pleasure getting to work with someone with such skill! They delivered line after line with such grace and flow that I had to simply listen and admire! Elise should be #1 on your list for potential cast members at any time!