The Duck Avenger: A Perfect World (Comic Dub)


Something's going wrong in Duckburg: strange objects are coming from a parallel dimension. The Duck Avenger is the only answer to this terrible problem 

Artist: Claudio Sciarrone

Writer: Giafranco Cordara  

Original Title in Italian: Un Mondo Perfetto 

Voice of Donald Duck - @justin-hollobaugh

 Tom Waterman / Extra – @lp-flowers

 Angus Fangus / One – @christianort476

Lyla Lay – @studiofeli

Lyonard D'aq- @a-log

Cops – @locorug

Tempest Gale - @thea-solone

Buck Perfect – @silbee--64bh-

Narrator- @swordtee40 

Extras: @lp-flowers
@swordtee40  @justin-hollobaugh

Producer/Editor/Director @justin-hollobaugh