Achieved a Degree in Game Design & Concept Art, looking into doing Voice Acting with open arms.

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About VendettaDylan_

Hello! My name is Dylan, I am a 22-year-old Gamer on Youtube and Creative Writer since 2016, currently studying Game Design and Digital Art at University, now slowly looking into doing Voice Acting. To me, I have always found beauty in Voice Acting, purely because of the freedom, expression and character it can bring I wouldn't be able to do in reality. I hope to build a hobby out of this, and who knows! Might turn it into a profession one day!  

Please do not hesitate to message me about any potential projects and or roles! I do mainly specialize in low tone British and or rough voiced characters, though I often try my best to voice older teen and North American characters.

I hope you enjoy what I do!    

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  • @astheravendreams

    Being a personal friend of Dylan's, I have had the chance to speak with him on a personal level, as well as hear his professional work. He has a great work ethic, and his voice/tone is incredibly smooth. Any work he's chosen for is guaranteed to be quality.

  • @skyfire

    If you are looking for a good, serious, quick, voice actor, this is the guy. He got his lines in very quick, and they still turned out just how I wanted. Very good communication as well. Thanks again! It turned out great!

  • @ross-k

    Dylan provided the rich and strong voice of Sir Laurence Olivier for a video in my audio web series, "The Musings of The Classic Sherlock Holmes actor". Commanding voice, clean audio, and a good understanding of adapting a voice for the situation described. Excellent work Dylan! Thank you.

  • @ross-k

    I am glad CCC allows for 2nd recommendations now, as Dylan is very deserving of one. I have worked with him multiple times more since the original casting last year, and hope that there will be multiple times more.  An excellent clear speaking voice artist who can effortlessly exude charisma and confidence into his characters. Thoroughly decent guy too. Highly recommended. Douglas Wilmer on Sir Donald Wolfit

  • @chavrose06

    Dylan is a superb Voice Actor, having worked with him in the past on an audio project. He is friendly, courteous and the most professional VA you will ever hire. Be it the leading man or devious villain. Dylan is the voice you need for your production!