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About YoshiTails13

Hi I'm Noah "YoshiTails13" I been a voice actor for 7 years now. I've also audio edited, make comic dubs, and other content in my channel. Also into gaming, like chatting with friends, and like to collect plushies and figures. I'm into Nintendo, Sega, Disney, MLP, Cartoons, and some Anime. Other than that, I'm just a chill friendly guy.

  • @shadow18

    Iv work with yoshifan163 many times in the past and he is one of the best Tails the Fox voice actors iv ever worked with, his Cream the rabbit voice is flawless and his Silver the hedgehog voice is one of the best iv ever heard, He also dose a Awesome job when is comes to voicing Yoshi. If your looking for a voice actor to play the role of any of those characters yoshifan163 is your best choice.

  • @josephmekanimation-6

    He puts alot of effort into the voice acting and is really committed to my show. He takes it seriously. He helps my show alot.

  • @mectro15

    Noah is an awesome friend and voice actor I recommend him for any project that's open x3

  • @geekysonic

    I've worked for and with Noah for some time now, and to say that he's good at what he does is an understatement. He voices a character in an upcoming radio play of mine, and has nailed his performance in every delivery. He's a great guy and a reliable VA.

  • @peacegirllisa

    I have worked for and with Noah on different projects.
    He is a really talented voice actor. He nails his performance in recordings. He also can do the voices on the pop fly in discord calls.
    I call that having a talent if you can be the character on the go without a script.

  • @deleted435137

    As a voice director, I really appreciate this guy's Manic. And Noah has easily earned my respects.

    As for the rating, I'm gonna give him a 10/10!

    And a Noah seal of approval!

  • @blustudios

    Noah is extremely talented. He voices one of the harder characters, Charmy, in my Sonic fan series. He delivers his lines on time and with quality. I recommend him for future projects!

  • @trd716va

    If i'm honest, YoshiTails13 (Noah) is a very talented VA!! I love his voice acting charisma with Microphone in Object Harshness :D

  • @kurbzvoices

    Been working with Yoshi for a couple months now, and I've been very impressed by his consistent communication, and quality of his work. He brings a youthful to the characters he plays, and is very receptive to vocal direction. He has my recommendation for any project.

  • @blingy

    I've worked with Noah for a while now on many projects and I gotta say their performances never fail and he always nails it. He's fun to work with and I recommend him for any project!!

  • @cashlinsnow

    What a wonderful person Noah is! So friendly, knowledgeable, professional, fun! Noah voices ongoing in projects for me off and on. He's always good for being directed, or can self-direct solidly well. It was and continues to be a privilege to have him voice for me!

  • @thea-solone

    Noah is quite a talent, and he's always such a delight to work with and speak to. He performs the voices of Tails, Spike, Yoshi, and several others not just with energy and professionalism but with a great amount of heart. Whenever you get a chance to work with him, I highly recommend! I look forward to plenty more adventures to come! YoshiTails 13 as Tails

  • @matt-clemens-va

    Noah is a superb voice actor! You'd think a young adult male wouldn't be good at doing kid voices, but each time, he absolutely nails it! He has voiced Ray the Flying Squirrel for me, and he also does a great Tails, Charmy, Silver, and others! If you're looking for someone who's both a talented VA and an all-out nice guy, Noah's your man!

  • @ghostanjo

    I've worked along side Noah with a handful of projects. He's a hard worker and surprises you with his wide range. Would recommend!