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About RubyJCat

Hello! I go by RubyJCat or Ruby J Shilan and I'm a Chinese-Canadian indie voice actress. I've been singing & voice acting since 2013. I first started auditioning on BTVA and my first fan voice acting project was of 'The Gray Garden'.

My voice can be described as feminine, soft-spoken, youthful, nasal, and soothing. My base voices are "high, shy" and "low, awkward" which cover a wide pitch range. Character traits that suit my voice include reserved, timid, sincere, kind, sweet, naïve, playful, haughty, sarcastic, blunt, and serious.

My biggest challenges with voice acting would be enunciation - as I used to slur a lot, and sounding natural - as I used to try to imitate other people's voices. I have learned to just be myself. :)

I'm grateful for the opportunities I've been given and am always happy to participate in a passion project.


Please contact for rates.

Previous Clients include:

  • Applre @applre 

  • Birctreel

  • Caitlin Smartt (story_paint)

  • Cruelhouse @cruelhouse 

  • Datchcole

  • Gabrielle Teaford, Kannakomi (Nicoronpa Crew)

  • Heckifier, TTALWINS, Ajax Wolfe (Fatal Mercy Team)

  • moca (moca-pz) (Team Shibu)

  • NisseDev @nissedev 

  • Noah Popejoy

  • Rei-Microwave @drmicrowave 

  • Schlen (Team Kill Cure)

  • Scruffyeevee, StelerSteel

  • SideQuest Studios

  • Space Lizard (Sungazer Software)

  • UntilDawnCreeps

What RubyJCat is looking for

  • Paid: Yes

  • Unpaid: Depends

  • Original Work: Yes

  • Fan Work & Existing IPs: Depends. OK with Fan games, Comic dubs, Parodies, No existing English dub

  • Live Direction: Inexperienced, but can try

  • Swearing/Vulgarity: Capable

  • NSFW: Capable. Paid Only

  • Gacha Club: No

  • @hadas-rose

    Ruby graciously agreed to do some minor female roles for my Xenogears radio drama project, and has done a great job! She has a variety of voices including different accents for women and girls.

  • @karnaval

    I have had the pleasure of working with Ruby on a multitude of projects, which include NDRV3 and collaborating on a script for WDT: Under Night In-Birth. Ruby is very hardworking and skilled when it comes to their two voices which are immediately recognizable and stand out as well. If you ever cast Ruby for a role, you can count on someone reliable, prompt, and talented.

  • @drmicrowave

    Ruby is absolutely a talented voice actress that I’m currently working with. So far she has surpassed my expectations. I am blown away on how reliable and diligent she is. With clear direction, she understands the tone, delivery, and vibe of the character she voices. Working with Ruby has been pleasant as she is very cooperative with a strong work ethic. I highly recommend Ruby and I’m thrilled to listen to more of her voice work. ^^ ~ Rei

  • @namafied

    Ruby has been a pleasure to work with! She shows great dedication for her projects and whom she works with. Always willing to improve, she gives her best effort in what she does and gives very clear directions for her own projects. She provides excellent feedback for those who wish to grow in their skills. As a voice actress, Ruby is capable of delivering a variety of voices. She shows a great understanding when it comes to tone, emotion, and presence of what a character embodies. I highly recommend Ruby both as a voice actress or being a participant in one of her projects :)

  • @spacelizard

    I've had the pleasure of working with Ruby on two separate game projects now, and she always delivers high quality work in a timely manner. I look forward to future collaborations one day, too!

  • @cruelhouse

    Ruby went above and beyond the effort she put into our project, was extremely professional, patient and cordial throughout the entire production, and of course - delivered an incredible performance. We can't wait to work with her again.