Justin Hollobaugh

Justin Hollobaugh

Your Donald Duck Extraordinaire! 

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About Justin Hollobaugh

I run the YouTube channel, The Donald Duck Project', which aims to bring Donald Duck comic books to life in the form of comic dubs. I produce and direct the projects as well as voice Donald Duck and his nephews (Huey, Dewey & Louie), and various other characters. I have been fortunate enough to work with other voice talent who assist me by voicing various characters such as, Uncle Scrooge, Daisy, One, Gyro Gearloose, Gladstone Gander, Lyla Lay, Buck Perfect, Mad Ducktor and many others.

Check out my YouTube channel: The Donald Duck Project.

  • @ryusuke

    For the two projects that I had Scurvdogg on, he’s has been nothing but reliable and professional. And the description doesn’t lie! His Donald is one of the best ones I’ve heard on the internet! And, his voice is great for commercials! Consider him for your project! He’ll bring some extra authenticity to your project!

  • @kenesukun

    Scurvdogg is a very professional actor! You can be sure if they start a project it will get finished!

  • @green-elixir

    He voiced Donald Duck for a project of mine, and as many have already noted his impression of the character is just amazing. But he also recorded another character for me and he demonstrated talent and professionalism, being open to critique and to my indications and being able to create a funny personality. I'm really grateful I found him, he surely gave a great performance that elevated the project!

  • @filmmakerj

    Finding someone who can perform a perfect Donald Duck impression is beyond difficult. That's why I'm beyond thankful Justin auditioned for my DuckTales project, as the project very well could have fallen apart without his pivotal contribution. You are not likely to find a more capable Donald Duck impersonator, a more loyal Donald fan, or a more enthusiastic actor. Throughout the project, Justin's outpouring of excitement was a welcome treat, and something I always looked forward to each time I posted new updates. A rare talent, and an even rarer person. Thank you, Justin.

  • @ross-k

    I, Monster I was a voice actor for one of Justin's Donald Duck motion comic videos. Very easy to work with and the project came out great. Really well edited. Very high quality stuff. Motion comic videos live and die by the editing. They can be very flat if handled without effort. Justin really knows what he is doing and the results are impressive. I recommend getting involved with his work!

  • @oldbobfett

    I recently completed a comic dub called I, Monster for Justin and he was fantastic to work with!  It was a really quick turn around and the final product was beautifully executed with an amazing cast!  100% would work with Justin again.

  • @fieldsawakens

    I've worked with Justin on two Donald Duck projects ("I, Monster" and "Duck Avenger - Toyland"), and he is delightfully easy to work with. He is wonderfully talented at voicing Donald Duck and his nephews (among others), and he is an exceptional director who gives you freedom to breathe life into the characters while also helping everyone come together to unified final vision. His communication is clear and open, and his work is high quality. The finished projects are something I'm proud of having voiced in. If you have the chance to work with him, jump at it. I'm glad for having done so.

  • @Max-L

    I was fortunate enough to be picked to voice a few characters on his project and I very much enjoyed the way he managed it. Straight to the point, quick to answer any of my questions and not shy to compliment someone for their work. I'm confident in recommending this man to anyone who'd like to have some solid management behind the project they're working on.