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My Name Is Patrik Simon Jørgensen. I'm An Internet Voice Actor. I Was Born On November 20, 2001. I've Been a YouTuber Since September of 2015.

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If You Want Me To Voice Work For You... Well, Talk With Me On Messenger And/Or Skype And Send Me The Scripts. I Can Only Send You The Voice Recordings Through Skype & Discord, Tho. 


I Don't Do Projects With...

1. Sexual Stuff

2. Swearing (Only For My Character. I'm Okay, As Long As I Don't Have To Swear.)


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ANNA CHLOE MOOREY, July 27, 2020

"Patrik provided great detail on what to record and was very prompt in his responses. Always positive and would love to work together again!"

"The Tale of the Dusted"

CRAVEN MOORHAUS, July 28, 2020

"Super friendly, accommodating and professional."

"Darth Vader: Dark Lord of The Sith: Issue #3 (Comic Dub)"

LONNIE MAYNARD, March 18, 2023

"I had a blast working with Patrik! He has a huge passion for the projects he works on and a great vision for what he wants! I would definitely work with him in the future!"

"Darth Vader: Dark Lord of The Sith: Issue #4 (Comic Dub)"

DAVE LUUKKONEN, November 28, 2023

"[Patrik] brings a professional attitude to the recording session along with both a strong understanding of what he wants in a performance, and the ability to recognize it when he hears it. I enjoy working with him. Dave Luukkonen, actor and voice artist since 1977."

"Star Wars: Age of Resistance: General Hux"


DANNY FORREY, March 15, 2021

"He's extremely patient. But, persistent enough so that i didn't forget it all together."

"Revenge of The Sith By Matthew Stover: Audio Drama (Anakin's And Palpatine's Talk)"

  • @montyvc

    It was great working with Patrik , he puts so much time into his project and that really pays off with the end product being of high quality and finish. Working with him as a voice actor was hassle free and an enjoyable experience , he is clear in his aims and gives good direction. Will work with him again anytime!

  • @skyfire24

    If you ever get the chance to work with Patrik on any of his projects, than you're in for a treat. Patrik was an absolute joy to work with. He was always willing to help both myself as well as my fellow actors. He was both patient and understanding both when directing lines and handling deadlines. I highly recommend him as a Director (and actor) and if I ever get an offer to work with him again I know I'll take that offer in a heartbeat because it was fun working with him.

  • @thezackattack

    Patrik really brings Quality to the Next level, His Audio Comics are some of the highest caliber videos in the Genre I've ever seen. He puts a lot of Heart and effort into everything that he does. Not Only is he an Excellent Producer, he is also a great Director, always Honest and Tells you exactly what he needs. You will definitely not Regret working with him, He is truly a Prospector for Perfection!

  • @jkbravo3

    Patrick was a wonderful Director. He knew how to give feedback and direction without stifling creativity.

    I hope to get to work with him on many projects to come.

  • @lukewholey

    Patrick approached me to do some voicework for him which was a Darth Vader comic dub. He gave me the lines as well as direction on how they are to be delivered.
    He is a really great Client to work with and gets the Job done. His editing skills are awesome too!

  • @xero

    This guy is a genius when it comes to editing sound and making audio comics. It was an honor to work on a project with him and I hope to do so more in the future!

  • @cherry_lilly

    A very hard worker! He gets things done and is very straightforward with what he wants.

  • @deleted163945

    Patrick sought me out to provide lines for a comic dub and am very glad I did. Patrick is courteous, efficient, and very responsive. 10/10 I would absolutely work with him again.

  • @oppo-rancisis

    I approached Patrik to voice an elevator night shift guard in my spider-man comic dub. I usually give very specific instructions to the actors who play the main characters and let the secondary actors run with their imagination.

    Yet somehow, even with very vague instructions on what exactly I need, Patrik managed to create a voice that sounded exactly like what I had in my head. With one look at the panel, Patrik understood everything he needed to about this character and delivered a solid performance.

    In fact, his delivery was so perfect that I let him take on two more secondary characters and he yet again nailed them. Each character was distinct and well played.

    If Patrik is in your project, there is no way you can fail.

  • @morfic

    I was actually approached by Patrick as he was in need of a Music Composer, for me I was actually suprised and happy when someone approached me for music for the first time, at first however, I was a bit hesistant because I wasn't a big fan of star wars nor wasn't able to kind've replicate the star wars soundtrack, however I did join as it wasn't much needed of that kind of tone he was looking for so I did join. Overall he was great to work with and a nice person to talk to when we discuss the details of the music, he didn't complain nor did have a bad attitude towards me or the crew either :D If you feel hesitant to work with him, don't be, cause it will be worth it working with him :D Here's a link of the final work I did with him:

  • @fussbudgetjr

    Working with Patrick is a delight. He maintains daily communication with his cast and crew and treats us like good friends. He has a clear vision of what he wants done, and knows how to direct the cast to accomplish his goal. Although I only provided a brief line as an extra in this particular project, the scene itself was of Patrick's own creation and is my favorite part of the video because it is so powerful.

  • @wyatt-henry

    Patrik is a fantastic young man to work with and has a great sense of direction when it comes to creating projects. I whole-heartedly recommend him for anyone who is wanting to work on quality projects.

  • @ezpz

    Patrick did a wonderful job directing and producing a Darth Vader web comic dub that I had the pleasure to do some voice work in. He is a good client to work with and the end product was high quality.

  • @lukimus-prime

    If anyone wants to voice act for someone I would strongly recommend to do voice acting for Patrik. He is an incredibly nice guy who makes such amazing content and as a voice actor in his projects I feel honoured to contribute my voice work to him because not only is he one of my best friends and an incredible director, but he is also an inspiration to others wanting to make comic dubs and other voice acting projects.

  • @filmmakerj

    Patrik Jorgensen, by all accounts, is a passionate project director with a great ear for casting. He chooses his subject matter well, pleasant to work with, and approaches his videos with an extra level of polish that I don't normally see. An excellent person to work with as a voice actor, both for the fun, and the resume experience.

  • @zilpa-eden

    Partick was nothing less than a gentlemen, he was profusely professional, quick to respond and always polite in his critiquing.

    I would love to work with him again! :)

  • @davidcookblacklion

    Patrick is one of the most gifted people I have ever worked with both as a Director as well as a fellow Voice-over Artist, always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again on any of his future projects....Patrick is a true professional.

  • @brad-storm

    I have known Mr. Jorgensen for a little over a year now and I have to say his all around skillset is top notch! He has the ability to create splendid masterpieces with his audio prowess and his sense of creativity.

    I look forward to working with Mr. Jorgensen on more projects to come and I'm eager to listen and see what he comes up with next.

  • @meghanmcconnellva

    It was a pleasure working for Patrik. He is a quick communicator and very efficient when it comes to payments, directing, and editing. Would love to work in more projects with him in the future, and would highly recommend him as well.

  • @nando-baja

    I had a great experience being a part of the project and had fun. Mr. is a great voice director and is very direct!!! I would be glad to work with him again!!!!