I am an actor and singer well versed in a variety of characters

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Hi, I'm Nick and I am a voice actor and singer! I have been an actor for over a decade and have 5 years of vocal training under my belt, so you can expect only the highest quality product from my services. If you are in need of a versatile performer for your next project, shoot me a message!

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
  • @hystericalfuture

    As a fellow Owner of Serendipity Studios, I am honored to have a sophisticated, bubbly and hardworking voice actor in my project! An amazing person and if you don't cast him-- that's your lost.

  • @deleted144046

    He’s been a director for a few projects I’ve been in and we’ve acted in some projects together and he is so talented and awesome! He’s an absolute team player and is willing to work with whatever you need!

  • @lotussama

    Nick is an amazing friend and an amazing VA! He's incredibly talented! He can also sing very very well! he has a very good range and you definitely won't regret casting him! ^^

  • @kebbyva

    I haven't known Nick for too much time, but in that short span of time it's definitely clear to me that Nick truly is a great voice actor and singer, even when he doesn't need to be! Apart from that he truly is a fun person to hang around with, and an all around great person. Cast him, give him money if possible.

  • @dotdotdottie

    Nick is so so great !!
    I've worked alongside him on a few projects as a fellow VA, I can say firsthand that he's absolutely amazing.
    I adore all his voice work and admire how amazing his range is. His quality is always top-notch !!~
    I love spending time with him, he's so so lovely ! Please consider Nick for your projects !! <33

  • @not-on-helium

    Nick is quite possibly one of the best voice actors I’ve ever met. His voice is already extremely versatile, and his skills simply seal the deal! The amount of emotion and energy Nick can put into his voice is breath-takingly good, and his performance quality never wavers. I’ve worked with Nick a few times already, and he only ever exceeds my expectations. How can someone have so much talent? And there's more- not only is Nick a fantastic voice actor, but he’s also a wonderful singer. He has a gorgeous singing voice filled with passion and strength. Just another amazing reason to work with him! If you're still looking for more, his directing skills are noteworthy as well. I'm currently a voice actor in one of his projects, and he is a spectacular director. He’s consistent, hard-working, and understanding. The amount of care and attention Nick puts into his projects is inspiring. To ice the cake, Nick is also an awesome friend! He’s a huge sweetheart filled with love and compassion and an absolute joy to talk to at all times. A model human being. If you've read this far and haven't started liking the dude yet, I’m sure you will once you actually meet him. So cast him!