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Zephyrsword's Previously Completed Works

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    About [JRPG] Meta Revelations - Ring Spirits

    Meta Revelations is a small project I've been working on since summer 2006, when I was barely out of education. Since then, I've refined the story and art assets over and over. Now, I am nearing the completion of the main scenario, which means scripts are ready for several of the minor roles. Due to materials used in this project, I don't have plans to sell this game commercially despite the long hours put into it; and eventually I'd like it to be a story that I can tell to as many people that share an interest on it.

    Meta Revelations is a tome - a book of many stories, and Ring Spirits is one of those stories. A boy by the name of Riley Wrean is raised on a mountain for the most of his life, not knowing his heritage. However, one fateful night a girl falls from the sky, and his adventure begins when he ventures away from his home for the first time. On the way, both medieval and machine clash:- the Crusaders and and C.M.D both fighting for dominance of the land. Meanwhile, Riley comes to encounter a cast of various races and creatures. If you have any interest in an original form revival of something like Breath of Fire or Legend of Dragoon, this might be the project for you.

    This games projected release window is April this year. You can review the RPG Maker Network page for full details on the project. You can even download a demo of the game in its in development form to get a feel of the narrative so far.  (Edit:- As of January 2019 the main scenario is completed.)


    All voice actors will be fully credited for their roles, with a custom title card in the style of the title screen for their credited roles at the start and end of the project. This is a project that will be released at no cost, but you can request compensation in a piece of artwork for your own project if you so wish it.I have an extensive list of commissions I've done in the past, as well as my own artwork

    (Edit 1)Submissions have been reopened. More roles may open up as the weeks go by so please keep checking back. The main character roles due to the large volume of lines are paid. You must possess a paypal account in order for me to pay you.

    (Edit 2)Submissions have been reopened for round three. Creatures and dragons, as well as misc roles have been added. This is the final list, unless anyone needs to be recast.

    (Edit 3) Are you looking to contribute right now for small extra roles? I'm looking for some small contributions. Be sure to check the misc male/female section. I will act on these roles as they come in.

    Discord for the project:-

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold