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Wiley Koyote

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About Wiley Koyote

My name is Wiley and I am a professionally trained voice actor, classically trained vocalist, and self-taught music producer. 

I've worked with clients including Crunchyroll Games, Narmak Animations, and various independent content creators across the internet. I'm always looking for new gigs and work so please do not hesitate to shoot me a DM, and I'll reply as soon as I can. 

I am NOT accepting any unpaid work at this time.

My voice-over work and vocalist work can be found here in this playlist.
My music can be found here on my Spotify.

  • @thatprogrammer

    I have listened to a few of their auditions and I'll be honest... they have surprised me with how good they are. I would recommend this amazing voice actor to anyone who is looking for some quality voice lines! Best of luck to them in their future auditions and I hope to see them succeed in the future with any future voice work!

  • @gamerecroom

    He has a wonderful voice and loads of previous experience in this field. A definite recommendation for anyone looking for a great voice actor in this range.

  • @simplymiprii

    Wiley has incredible sound quality! He can do plenty of accents. He’s on time with lines, and never gets upset with the director! (even when she’s bothersome) A really brilliant VA.

  • @glenn-bulthuis

    I've worked with Wiley primarily on a still-in-development videogame "Swat Katz Recharged" and have also gotten to know him through CCC's voice acting classes as well. This is a man who brings copious amounts of creativity and energy to every product that he's a part of. A natural character actor, he's flexible and enthusiastic about every role that he lands. Of the many people that I've met on CCC, Wiley stands out as one of the few who I believe is most likely to make it in this industry. I wish him nothing but future success and I'll be cheering him on every step of the way!

  • @fataloror

    I have been voice acting alongside Wiley on several projects and every time has been amazing. From the cute boy to the hardened criminal, Wiley has all the voices! Not only is he a talented voice actor with an incredible range, he is also an amazing sound editor, music composer and singer! To top it all, he is a caring and encouraging human being who brings out the best in his fellow voice actors by both his performance and advice. I highly recommend Wiley for your project, whether it is commercial, animated or musical!

  • @deleted166691

    Wiley Koyote is the best news reporter I could have asked for my project! He always gives the lines on times and with amazing quality! I can't wait to go even more in-depth with his character and to see what other talents his hiding but he has been amazing so far in the project and I can't wait to work with him more! If you are looking for an extremely talentful voice actor, Wiley is the one!

  • @jflowers3

    I don't know anybody else who goes so above and beyond for a role. What started as just a voice role turned into also taking on nearly every other responsibility. WRITING the lyrics, COMPOSING the music and DIRECTING the talent. This man can do it all. He pours talent, and it lands on everyone around him. Truly a joy to work with.

  • @tae-gae

    Wiley and I are very good friends and have worked on some things together, without a doubt he is one of the most motivated, fun, and multi-skilled voice talents I know. With an amazing singing voice, an incredible range for voice acting, and even a skill in mixing music. Wiley can rock any microphone, I would recommend him for a project in a heartbeat. He brings a bright fun vibe to a group and is honestly an amazing guy, both as a friend and a work partner. 

  • @komorebi

    I can't say enough good things about Wiley Koyote and his work. His passion for his work shines through immensely. He's incredibly efficient, and is incredibly eager when it comes to performing the best that he can when it comes to his voice over work. It shows through is vast array of emotions that he can easily act through, as well as his passion for each project that he is apart of.

    Personally, Wiley Koyote has been a joy to work with. One of the kindest, most hardworking people in the field. I cannot wait to see what's in store for him! 

  • @mrcheesemuffin

    Amazing voice. Work with this man if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed.

  • @lxcrimosx

    Wiley Koyote served as a voice actor for my school project, "Lily and the Box of Colors." As a producer, I had to quickly arrange voice actors within a week, and the process of contacting Wiley was not only swift but also seamless. The audio files were delivered promptly, showcasing excellent quality and clarity. Wiley went above and beyond by providing multiple versions of voice lines, allowing us to choose from a selection, which greatly enhanced the overall experience :D