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Hi there!

My name is Lee and I'm only just starting out doing voice acting. I've been able to do voices and act pretty well throught my whole life so I thought I'd give this thing a go :)

I'm mainly interested in doing voices for video games but honestly I'll have a go at anything.

I am English but I can do quite a few accents. My voice range can fall into young adult and adult male. I can do quite a lot of weird/monster voices too.

I'm also not to bad at recording and editing audio having full professional audio equipment (the only thing I don't have right now is a vocal booth set up but I'm doing the best I can with what I have!). I'm also a musician (qualified in music performance) and can play multiple instruments. Also, can also sing.

Any more info you would like then send me a message!

(A demo reel will be coming shortly)

  • @matthewrwright

    Lee has been a fantastic member of my production team during the creation of the short audio series 'The Green Trilogy' on YouTube. He performed the character of the EDITOR during its second installment 'Fractured by the Dream Machine'. I was blown away by his audition, by its quality (in terms of mic quality) as well as his performance quality. Additionally once he was cast, his submission of his lines was quick and also professional. His voice over work has been outstanding and I whole heartedly recommend him for any voice over work in the future and hope to work with him again in the future, as his work is some of the best i've heard on this site. 10/10