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About AssassinGlasgow

Hi, I'm AssassinGlasgow!

I'm 24 years old and I do Let's Plays on Youtube and streaming on Twitch with video games, but I really wanted to try voice acting! I hope you enjoy my work!

Vocal Range:

I do mid to low range females! I do the following types of characters well:

  • Monotone/Stoic

  • Seductress/Flirter,

  • Gentle/Caring

  • Informational/Stern

  • Regular young adult

I like being cast in all kinds of roles!

Artistic Range:

I have been doing art for 18 years. I've taken formal art lessons, and I draw primarily in the anime/manga style, though I'm able to draw in other styles as well. Examples of my work are located on my Instagram and Deviantart.

While I'm primarily here for voice acting, if I feel the project interests me enough I am willing to do art for it.

If you think you have a cool project you want me to see for either art or voice acting, message me!

Demos & Samples

Narration/Monologue Demo Reel

Demo demonstrating narration/monologue work. Words are from the movie "Dellamorte Dellamore."

  • @thereconjacob

    AssassinGlasgow ended up being a replacement voice actor for a character in my project. She did a great job and I hope to plan on having her voice the future episodes which take months to make.

  • @thelongbomb

    Excellent voice actor with good range and variation. Very gifted and easy to communicate with through multiple forms of media if needed!

  • @danman529

    A couple of months ago I received a voice audition from AssassinGlasgow for one of our online YouTube shows. To be honest, it wasn't easy to make the selection, as many great voice actresses gave stellar auditions. But after we received the first batch of voice overs from her for the first set of episodes, it was clear she was meant for the part. She's professional, patient, and overall a great voice actresses that gives you exactly what you're looking for. She is able to seamlessly go through a range of emotions, while also being able to stay true to the part she plays. She is an amazing person and an amazing voice actresses, and I would recommend her for any project!

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    AssassinGlasgow voiced a character in one of my projects, did an awesome job in the role, which required her to speak really fast. Good audio quality with a fast turnaround time. Cannot recommend her enough.