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About MarlonVoiceActor

I'm a voice actor and a game developer.  If you need a voice for your project, please let me know!

Check out my my recently updated website here:

  • @first-step-cinematics

    MarlonVoiceActor played "Ricky" for our visual novel, Twice Reborn. It wasn't an easy role and Marlon pulled it off beautifully. Marlon's professional and would recommend!

  • @fleebs

    Marlon does a great job of playing the Protagonist in my horror game, he turns in work super fast and his voice and the emotion he puts into it are great! I look forward to working with him more as my game gets more finished!

  • @mvjv1

    Marlon was so fun to work with! He has a great range of emotions and voices, and gets his work in quickly. He brought his character to life and I highly recommend him for any type of project you might be working on!

  • @ussramshack

    Marlon is easy to work with, fun to hang out with, and amazing to get work from. With a voice that naturally falls into character, he found and fit the role with such ease. It's been a delight having him be part of our brief experience in project management and he's set the bar high!

  • @scramble_arts

    Even though the project I did a call for was very small, Marlon did an amazing job at capturing the characters in just a short introduction! I was shocked to hear 2 very different voices in the auditions (it was a good shock though)! I highly recommend Marlon for any voice work you may need! c:

  • @barachodachelera

    I cast him for a role, and he did a wonderful job! His voice for my character was perfect, and he was very expressive.