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About burningaxe

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Burning Axe, but if you would like, you can call me Nathan.

I have been voice acting for around 7 years now. I started by voicing for my own creations and then began by voicing in my friends projects. I started taking voice acting more seriously in the last half of 2015. Ever since I have continued to improve over time.

I suddenly woke up one day realising just how much I loved doing it. I try to do it as often as I can between making YouTube videos, and taking a break to hang around with my friends. My inspiration comes from the voice actors "Sean Schemmel" and "Christopher Sabat" who have voiced in the English Dub of the Dragon Ball franchise since the late 90's. They have left a lasting impression on me, and I hope to be as successful as they are at what they do. A pipe dream to be sure, but one I intend on chasing regardless.

If you require voice work, then look no further, please do contact me if you like what you hear from my over 300 auditions, and my demo reels.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a nice day!

  • @ashif

    BurningAxe aka Nathan has an amazing talent in Voice Acting, Directing, Graphics, Script writing and Video Editing! He is an amazing person with an amazing personality! He is really good with having multiple impressions with his Voice, and I think that is really important and beneficial for all the other Project creators/directors out there. And I recommend Nathan to be casted in suitable projects out there, as you really don't wanna miss out on this talent!