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Elizabeth Novotny

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About Elizabeth Novotny

Elizabeth Novotny is a voice actress from Wisconsin. Her work can be heard in indie games, indie animation projects, visual novel games and mobile apps. Her work is best known for Kiss of War, Near and Far and Aron's Adventure.

Social Links:

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11379471/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ENovotnyVO

Website/Voice Samples: https://www.elizabethnovotny.com/

Contact: Via message here or elizabeth(at)elizabethnovotny.com

Closing Credits (Formerly CCC when taken) - 2020

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
- 2020

Boy Voices for Girls

Instructed by Lisa Biggs
- 2020

Laugh on Demand

Instructed by Lisa Biggs
- 2020

Breaking Into Video Games

Instructed by Rachael Messer
- 2020

6 Week Voiceover Bootcamp

Instructed by Rachael Messer
Closing Credits (Formerly CCC when taken) - 2019

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
- 2021

Script Analysis

Instructed by Rachael Messer
- 2022

Think on Your Feet Mastery Improv Classes

Instructed by Chad Elliot
- 2023

Theatre Acting 101 and Improv

Instructed by Lisa Reedy
Get Mic'd - 2023

Self Direction Workshop

Instructed by Elley Ray and Deb Munro
- 2023

The Cold Read - Interactive workshop at Kitsune Kon

Instructed by Dani Chambers

Pricing is negotiable and can be discussed based on a project's budget. 

  • @hiitsjali

    Super fast with her lines. Great sound quality. Great communication too. Thank you for being part of The Veiled Monarch!

  • @alreadyish

    She has fantastic sound quality and acting range! Can not speak highly enough of that and how fast she was to get back to me! She is very professional with how she sends in lines. Hope to work with her again in the future at some point. She'll be well worth having in anyone cast! She'll do your character justice if she's chosen!

  • @deleted151293

    Elizabeth played multiple roles in a story for my anthology podcast. She gave them all unique personalities. She also works well with fine-tuning a performance. Thank you, Elizabeth!

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    Elizabeth is such a delight. Her performance of our character Marte was wonderful, bringing the sweetness from the script to audio format. She was easy to get along with during the project and turned in her lines promptly. We highly recommend her for any role you are considering her.

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    We greatly enjoyed working with Elizabeth again! She portrayed one of our assassins, Riva, this time. She is a talented performer and as always she is easy to get along with! You will not regret hiring her!

  • @plotline_progenitor

    Elizabeth Novotny easily stood out as one of the better voice actors I've worked with, she was able to capture the energy and tone of the character she was given quite well and it wouldn't surprise me at all if someone said their favorite character was the one she played just because of her voice. She was also easy to work with behind the scenes, she turned in all her lines within a reasonable time frame, and was positive and co-operative during all communication. Many thanks to her for lending her talent to this project

  • @nerdybird-studios

    I’m very happy that Elizabeth was a part of my project, she is a very professional Voice Artist who has delivers great results in a quick and efficient manner! She’s also a kind and helpful person, so if you’re looking for a talented VA, I would highly recommend her for your project!
    Thanks again Elizabeth!

  • @tim-van-kan

    I really enjoyed working together with Elizabeth. She delivered her lines fast and with variations. She really gave personally to the character.

    Thanks again and I hope that we get to work together again in the future.

  • @ian-minderman

    Elizabeth is an absolute pleasure to work with. She delivered high-quality recordings and followed instructions to the tee. Her vocal range is very versatile. I highly recommend hiring her.

  • @theotherside

    I can't believe I haven't done one of these sooner, but everyone must know that Elizabeth was one of the first voice actors I've ever worked with. She helped bring the series to life in a new way. She was capable of acting out two of my characters, one teenage female, and one older. Both were executed with ease. You won't regret working with her!!

  • @sally_basler

    Elizabeth does an amazing job as the Sorceress Strega in my upcoming animated miniseries, "Dog Days of Duplicity". Her lines were delivered well before the deadline with great audio quality and fabulous energy! She has exactly the voice we were looking for and has definitely brought a ton of character to her role. Highly recommend!