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About LofiSaiyan


My name is Lane H. Rush and I'm a Voice Actor and a husband. I'm eager to learn and I dedicate most of my time to voiceover as well as constantly pushing my current vocal skill set.

I mainly specialize in bass to baritone ranged characters, but I'm also capable of reaching some higher ranged characters as well.

My family is my world and I hope that through this endeavor, I can support them while doing what I love most; Expressing my imagination via the vocal medium. 

So that's really everything about myself! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and have a good day!

-Lane H. Rush

  • @ashif

    LofiSaiyan aka Lane is such an amazing Voice Actor! and He is the perfect role for Cumber in my project. He is also capable of doing many different voices and I believe that this is such an amazing talent! and can be useful to many others who wants him as a cast. During our productions in my project, Lane has never slacked off or being late to any deadlines, he was always sending off his lines before the deadline.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    You have a project with difficult voice types to cast? After working with LofiSaiyan (Lane H. Rush), he is the perfect "utility guy" with an arsenal of difference voices at his disposal. Incredibly versatile with a very wide vocal range. Willing to try anything and an overall pleasant guy. VERY punctual with his line submissions, and his multiple takes will always leave you wanting more! Having a "Swiss army knife" actor is a blessing for any project - I struggled to find the perfect Dan Bentley for Episode 3 of the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Squad Stories project, and Lane nailed every single nuance of the character. With his versatility and work ethic, Lane will go far in the industry.

  • @zephyrsword

    LofiSaiyan worked with me to bring to life Riley Wrean - one of the four main characters involved in Meta Revelations - Ring Spirits, a game that released for free on the Steam platform.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Played a perfect villain in my Lufia prologue dubbing project. If you ever need a bad guy who needs to yell and/or scream, Lane will give you all he has - and then some! So many great exclamations I almost feel bad for not using them all :P Great guy, worked with him in the past on a more subdued character, so he can go really big or really small with his characters. Cast him!