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The Knight of Zero

Luke Hall | 25 | YouTuber | 200,000 followers | England

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Luke Hall | 25 | YouTuber | England 

My name is Luke and I'm a 25 year old, Star Wars YouTuber from the UK with nearly quarter of a million followers, who is often complimented on a calming, but varied voice range which is suited especially towards narration. I've always done impressions, accents and acting in general since I was a child, and would like to put the skills I've developed to some use as becoming a voice actor would be a dream. Please check my YouTube channel for continued voice work beyond my demo reels and examples! 

I have worked in Voice Over for 3 years in roles for various Indie video games, video game mods, narration aswell as 1 major video game production.

Below are some video examples for more Audiobook and Narration like work:

  • @ynstbih

    The time I spent working with Luke Hall was amazing! Not only id he fast, his inflection, emotion, presence and quality are all flawless.
    I intend on working with him again in the future and to be blown away at his raw talent.

  • @_aki

    Luke is an ambitious and hard working voice actor, who has additional skills, such as audio editing.
    He is also made good use of our tips and instructions and did a lot of extra work to get the best results for our project. I really recommend Luke for your projects.
    Thank You!

    (Project "The Voice Inside" coming soon on Steam)
    Preview in the link