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  • @kaedeakamatsu

    As a director, I can say I've been very pleased with Jenna! She is a talented voice actor who exudes positivity. She is respectful, punctual, and a joy to work with. I can say that I would love to work with her on other projects if the chance ever arises. She's a great person to have on your team!

  • @fanficradio

    We were honored to have Jenna as the narrator in our FFXV oneshot audiodrama. Not only did she capture the emotions being conveyed in the story perfectly, but she delivered an amazing performance promptly and with amazing quality.

    Looking forward to more work, together, Jenna!

  • @shortyhelena

    Jenna is very talented, and is the perfect voice for my character Tanya! She can display great amounts of anger, attitude, sincerity, annoyance, pretty much anything, really. Many people think voice acting is just talking into a microphone, but Jenna is a prime example of the skill you need. With voice acting, showing emotion is key, and Jenna does that without a doubt! She also was sure to give me updates on how her lines are going, and this is only if she misses the deadline. Jenna is very enthusiastic and passionate, and that is very nice to see!

  • @deleted67786

    Jenna is one of the best voice actors I've worked with so far! She brings a lot of passion and sincerity into the voices she is casted. She also does a great job getting deadlines done waaaay ahead of time (Something that I've always admired about that.)

    Bottom line, Jenna is a Fantastic voice actor and pleasure to work with, nuff said.

  • @mvjv1

    Jenna is such a fun person to work with!! She is a great voice actor, very kind, and always makes sure to be on top of her lines! There is a great range of emotions within her acting, and she is an all around awesome voice actor! :)

  • @spacewiz217

    Jenna is an insanely talented individual with incredible range! I'm always impressed at what she's capable of, she's very skilled in voice acting and is a super kind person. She is definitely someone you want on your cast!

  • @happythecartoon

    Jenna is such an amazing voice actress, and I am so honored to have her apart of my project. She is such a sweetheart and working with her has been amazing. She brings so much passion and energy in her performance it truly is outstanding. Overall Jenna is an amazing actress would would be an incredible asset to any cast!

  • @rippilie

    JVA has a range that I don't seen in VAs often! Her range is incredible and she can voice a really wide range of voices- she's been a joy to work with and gets her lines in really quickly! She's so lovely and a wonderful actor- would highly recommend her.

  • @spacelizard

    I recently cast Jenna in a role for a videogame, and despite the character being a stoic person of few words, she delivered an excellent and memorable performance. I will happily collaborate with her again in a future project!

  • @TheMeleebrosAim

    Fantastic to work with! When I first heard their audition, I was blown away; it was exactly what I was looking for in casting. To add to that, they gave me multiple takes! The only hard part was deciding which of my roles to cast them for. I'd hire them again in a heartbeat!

  • @saskiasketches

    I recently got a chance to work with Jenna and I enjoyed every second of it! She was always quick to deliver and eager to work with me! She's a skilled voice actress and captured the emotion and voice I wanted for the character perfectly. I highly recommend working with her! 

  • @stellartoons

    Jenna voiced one of my protagonists in a project spanning around 8 months, reprising her roles with more enthusiasm each time and always turned in a great performance. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat!