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About Hallownest Vocalized | Bringing English VAs to Hollow Knight

Round 2 of auditions has begun! Here's everything you need to know:

  • There are only 14 roles open for audition, so be sure to read the directions for each role before auditioning
  • If you have already auditioned for a role open for audition, you are allowed to audition for it again. If the website does not allow you to audition a second time, you can submit your audition to the "Demo Reel" submission role.
  • You have until October 17th to audition, afterwards all roles will be closed for audition.
  • If this is your first time seeing the Hallownest Vocalized project, please read the description below before auditioning.

Best of luck!


Hello everyone! I'm Ccmaci, but most people just call me Cc. I'm the Lead Director of the Hallownest Vocalized Project, and a YouTuber who creates videos about Hollow Knight: a 2D Metroidvania action-adventure game set in the Kingdom of Hallownest, a world inhabited by intelligent sword wielding bugs of all shapes and sizes. Hollow Knight has such an intricate and expansive lore to uncover which I'm incredibly passionate about, so much so I started publishing videos about it on YouTube. After nearly two years of dissecting this game story and characters within, I realized I had the ability to make a project like Hallownest Vocalized become a reality.

"What is Hallownest Vocalized?"

To summarize: this project aims to program English Voice Actors into the video game Hollow Knight, enhancing the player's immersion when interacting with the bugs of Hallownest. When this project is completed, we’ll release a “Hallownest Vocalized” mod you can install into Hollow Knight and play for yourself!

Hollow Knight already has voice actors speaking for NPCs. However, they all talk in a made-up language called "Hollow Speak", and we usually only ever hear them say small phrases when starting up long conversations. This by itself does make for an immersive experience, but with English Voice Actors, we have the potential to make each character feel so much more real, creating an entirely new experience for players to enjoy. With over 300 VA roles needing to be filled, this is my most ambitious project yet. Knowing this, I've spent this Summer preparing Hallownest Vocalized for this moment, and I'm happy to say that it's finally ready for auditions!

vvv Before auditioning, you are expected to read the following!!!  vvv

Project Specifics:

For this project, you will not be replacing an NPC's original voice, you'll be speaking in tandem with them. For example, I won't ask you to voice a boss's grunts and shouts during a fight. However, when that boss is defeated and he starts saying his post-defeat monologue, you'll be voicing the text from his monologue that appears on the player's screen. If you watch the announcement trailer, you can see a good example of this at timestamp 00:36, where the boss's original grunts and shouts play, but we've given voice to boss's thoughts. So to summarize, you'll only be voicing the text that appears on screen, nothing else.

If you're at all confused, every role on this CCC page is available for audition. Though I had VAs give NPC voice in the Announcement Trailer, none of them are getting a "cast advantage" for who they voiced. So don't let the trailer discourage you from auditioning for a NPC you saw within it!

As you read prior, this project has over 300 VA roles needing to be filled, however, I only have 78 roles open for audition. See, 200+ of those roles belong to general enemies & dead bodies who only say a mere 1 to 10 words of total dialogue. As well, there are bosses, general NPCs, etc. that I felt didn't need dedicated auditions. So with that in mind, if you are not cast for any of the 78 available roles, you still have a chance of being cast for this project! Please keep this in mind when auditioning! {note: a small portion of those 200+ general VA roles may be given to fans who support my channel, Hollow Knight Content Creators, and other people who have helped bring this project to fruition}

After the mod is released, I will publish alongside it a Google Drive cataloging every audio file used in Hallownest Vocalized. This Google Drive will be open to the public, and will allow anyone to use the voices in it for their own YouTube videos or other Hollow Knight related projects. I will ask anyone who uses the drive to provide proper credit to the VAs, however I cannot legally require anyone to do so.

I reference "The Knight" in the descriptions of many roles, this is the playing character of Hollow Knight. The Knight never speaks throughout the game, so it will not be given a voice actor.

How you will be Credited:

We plan on having every VA's name inserted into the end-of-game credit scroll. With the Google Drive, I plan to have prominently within it a Google Document which properly credits every VA, and includes each VA's best form of contact next to their names if they so desire (can be an email, twitter handle, YouTube channel, etc.). We plan to make the contents of that Google Document available through the in-game main menu, either by sending the player directly to it, or by another method.

What I'm looking for from your Audition:

As I stated prior, you will be speaking in tandem with original's NPCs voice actor. This means your audition must use a voice that's similar to the original VA. I'm not expecting you to sound exactly the same as them, but obviously the closer the better. Listed on every role is a short description of the character's backstory and a video of what the original VA sounds like. Please use these videos as reference for how your voice should sound for a specific role. However, not all characters have in-game VAs, so for these roles I provided a description of what voice I want to hear from your audition. I may add extra notes on how I want a voice done, so please read the entire description of the role(s) you audition.

If you are auditioning for a role that appeared in the Hype Trailer, I am not looking for you to copy the voice of the English VA you heard speak in the trailer. I'm looking for your best interpretation of the role's voice. However, if you feel like someone in the trailer used a voice that best fits the role, then I'm okay with you referencing them.


  • You must be at least 16 years or older to audition for this project.
  • You must have a Discord account. If you're cast for a role, Discord will be our main form of contact.
  • I will only accept auditions with great audio quality. Auditions of poor quality (Background Noise, Echo, Too Quiet, Bad Microphone Quality, etc.) will be rejected.
  • Optional: You are allowed to audition for multiple roles, and you are allowed to do multiple takes.
  • Optional: If you have a Demo Reel, you can submit it through the role at the top of the roles list (its titled ">>> Submit your Demo Reel Here (optional) <<<"). You are not required to submit a demo, but its a great way to show me your range as a voice actor.
  • Optional: You do not need to have played Hollow Knight to audition for this project, however some lines/character descriptions do contain late-game spoilers. If you do not wish the story spoiled, I suggest beating the game before auditioning.

Risks and Challenges:

I will be working my hardest to make sure Hallownest Vocalized is a high quality Hollow Knight mod which provides every player an enjoyable gaming experience. However, there is always the possibility the worst case scenario occurs: a Hallownest Vocalized mod is not published. If this happens, I promise I will not let your voices go to waste, and will still publicly release the Google Drive cataloging every VAs audio for the mod. But as I stated, this is simply the worst case scenario, and I'll do everything in my power to make sure Hallownest Vocalized is realized. 

Since this is such a massive project, there is no official release date for this Hollow Knight mod. As we near completion I may announce one, but until then, no promises on when we'll be finished.

By auditioning for this project, you acknowledge you have read all the information above, recognize how your voice will be used for Hallownest Vocalized, and are satisfied with how I shall credit your involvement.

^^^ Before auditioning, you are expected to read the following!!! ^^^

Special thank you to Shield on YouTube who catalogued many of Hollow Knight's NPC VAs into video form, and to the Hollow Knight Wiki who I paraphrased some NPC descriptions from. Both sources helped save valuable time.

About the Creator: ccmaci

I'm Cc, I create YouTube videos on the lore of a game called "Hollow Knight". I've been creating this type of content for over a year now, but have been an editor since 2018. 

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CcmaciFTW/videos

Playlist of the primary content I upload: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7vmj1OCwEMNQmkSvO43Ungq3y4rT8PWj

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