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About MiriShalyn

Hello! I like things and I do stuff. :B
I'm a semi-professional voice actor living in Iowa. I first tried voice acting in 2007, and I've been having a blast since!

 Currently recording at home in an acoustically treated room. Most of my work on here at the moment was recorded on an Audio Technica 2500 USB mic, but I have just switched to an XLR Audio Technica 2020.

  • @ccmaci

    MiriShalyn is a quality voice actor: she excels in vast vocal range & performance, is creative in delivery, has a quick DM response time, is straightforward to direct, and has a dedication to completion you rarely see in amateur VAs. Don’t be mistaken, MiriShalyn is no amateur.

      In Hallownest Vocalized, she voices 7 Major Roles, and 3 Minor Roles (of which, 1 minor role she volunteered for).

      It is simply astounding how many major roles MiriShalyn filled in Hallownest Vocalized. From a creepily eccentric lady who’s “r” rolls strangely allure listeners, to a fervent worshiper who’s wrath is well branded into your mind. From a small lovable granny with a pep in her step, to an imprisoned insane god whose only goal in life is killing you. So much thought and care was put into all these roles, showing Miri holds a true passion for voice acting. Without her, Hallownest Vocalized would not be the quality and memorable product it is today.

      MiriShalyn should be highly sought after; her talent as a voice actor is simply invaluable. If she auditions for your project, I recommend casting her, she will become an integral member of your team.

      Additional Notes: This recommendation is for a voice actor from Hallownest Vocalized, a Hollow Knight mod which gave English voice acting to every character in the game. This was a large-scale project, acquiring over 5,000 auditions, but only casting 100 voice actors. This is the mod's Launch Trailer (MiriShalyn does appear in it at timestamp 0:57) https://youtu.be/dFXN2rKDuho