Director of Hallownest Vocalized, and a Hollow Knight lore Youtuber.

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About Ccmaci

I'm Cc, I create YouTube videos on the lore of a game called "Hollow Knight". I've been creating this type of content for over a year now, but have been an editor since 2018. 

I'm also the director for Hallownest Vocalized, a project that aims to program English voice actors into the game Hollow Knight.

Hallownest Vocalized CCC Page:

My YouTube Channel:

Playlist of the primary content I upload:

  • @dutch_blackwood

    He managed so many voice actors all at once and did a fantastic job. He was always honest with what he did, very kind, and very intelligent. Highly recommend him. 

  • @mirishalyn

    CCmaci is an excellent director! He organized and managed a VERY large project in Hallownest Vocalized, with over 100 voice actors to direct, along with his crew to help him put all of it together. He was very good at voice direction, could easily let you know what he was looking for in a performance, and was always so kind and patient with everyone.

    CC put a lot of love into this project and it shows. He was so easy to work with and I look forward to seeing what he does next!