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About Hanz1503

How to get in touch with me:

- Discord: Hanz1503

- Email: [redacted]

About my voice:

I would describe myself as having a deeper voice than average, and I could go somewhat higher or deeper if need be. I haven't received any professional training on voice acting/over yet but I am always ready to learn.

About how I work:

I work for free, I'm looking to enrich my experience as a novice voice actor/over. I enjoy voicing anything, plus I have no trouble with NSFW content, I am 18+.

I live all the way in Asia, so pardon me if I don't reply to your messages quickly. I could probably be sleeping when you text. I'll work when I'm free, and I'll try my best to finish assignments on time.

About me:

One of my online aliases is Hanz Morgenstern (Morning star) or Hanz. I am a college student whose dream job is to work as a full-time voice actor/over. I am an aspiring VA who enjoys roleplaying and voice acting especially voicing cartoons or video games, as they played a great role in my childhood.

My dream job is working as a full time voice actor/over, and I'm taking steps to make it happens.

Thank you for reading. Have great day.


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