Connor Bushoven

Connor Bushoven

Professional 3D Artist and Voice Actor

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About Connor Bushoven

Hey there!  My name is Connor, and I'm a professional 3D modeler and texture artist with a career spanning advertising and film. 

I've been a voice actor since 2014, and have been in a variety of media including animated shorts, musicals, podcasts, and series.  I'm passionate about projects that tell interesting stories, and enjoy both narration and character acting.

In 2022, I was awarded a Southeast Student Emmy for my senior film The Lumberjack and the Woodpecker, which you can watch here.

Past productions as an artist include Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023), Crater (2023). and Mufasa: The Lion King (2024)

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-Audio-Technica ATHM50x Studio Monitors

-Solid State Logic 2+

-Rode Nt2a



Currently working on an upcoming fantasy podcast series Welcome to the Brass Eagle, which is in production and set to debut in early 2024. Follow us @brasseaglepod on all socials!

Savannah College of Art and Design - 2021

B.F.A. Animation

Instructed by

Attended SCAD 2017-2021 and graduated with a B.F.A. in Animation.


Negotiable on a by-project basis.  Currently seeking to build out a breadth of experience to fill out a proper voice acting portfolio.

What Connor Bushoven is looking for

I've worked on a large variety of media, and prefer character acting and narration.  I enjoy taking part in audio dramas and animation, and really love the media of podcasts--both as a voice actor and a listener.

I'm always open to chat about projects, but when reaching out please be aware that I can only be a part of unpaid productions that I have already auditioned for due to my schedule.

If you want to get in touch about new inquiries, please do so via email at cbushoven[at]gmail[dot]com or here on CCC before reaching out on Discord.  I tend not to accept unknown friend requests, as I like to keep Discord for active projects.  

Thank you for your consideration!

  • @mc_tammer

    Connor was fantastic to work with! He understood the character right away, and delivered a stellar performance on the first take. He managed to nail the voice I had pictured in my head while writing the character and I would happily recommend him for any of your projects.

  • @nyxlash

    Connor is extremely professional, and was more than willing to do a retake when needed. He delivered his lines very fast and very high quality. He brought a great depth and dimension to the character and was able to convey a great range of emotions both bombastic and subtle. 

  • @katherine-wheeler

    Connor is an incredibly professional and giving Voice Actor. He was so quick at responding to both my audition call out and when he was cast. He had brilliant quality audio which he went the extra mile to clean up and did several alternative retakes without being asked. Really happy with the results.

  • @Veeah-va

    His VA skills are outstanding! If you see him hop on for a part, don't even think about it, just click cast!

  • @tuxseagull

    Connor has a strong and clear voice that’s fantastic at displaying emotion. His service was quick and professional. Great to work with.

  • @stellartoons

    An amazing range, timely turnaround and a great performance time and time again. You definitely have to cast Connor!

  • @ravenview-entertainment

    Connor was an absolute delight to have on my cast. They were professional, hardworking, and I would happily work with them again

  • @ccmaci

    Connor is a high quality voice actor, with a vast vocal range, a quick DM response time, will be a breeze to direct, creative in delivery, and has a dedication to completion you rarely see in amateur VAs. Don’t be mistaken, Connor Bushoven is no amateur. 

      For Hallownest Vocalized, he voiced 2 Major Roles, 2 Minor Roles which he volunteered for, and a Major Narration Role.

      “The Hunter” was most received by players, using a deep, guttural voice which scratches at the back of your skull. Performing this voice was very demanding on Connor’s vocal cords, and yet, in addition to the NPC’s normal lines, he recorded over 150 journal entries for the game’s enemies, (for context, this takes 2 hours to listen to). His completion of the role is proof of his drive and passion for voice acting, a testament to his substantial talent.

      Do as well note his performance as Mister Mushroom, a voice far different from the Hunter’s. The role required strange throat and nasal clicks, which Connor took his own spin on and masterfully emulated the vibe I envisioned.

      Connor Bushoven should be highly sought after. I assure you, he will exceed your expectations for any role you’re considering him for.

      Additional Notes: This recommendation is for a voice actor from Hallownest Vocalized, a Hollow Knight mod which gave English voice acting to every character in the game. This was a large-scale project, acquiring over 5,000 auditions, but only casting 100 voice actors. This is the mod's Launch Trailer (Connor Bushoven does appear in it at timestamp 2:46)

    • @cosmographia

      Connor voiced Arthur for a semi-animated original character tournament entry for me. His delivery couldn't have been more perfect! Easily balancing a hardened veteran-like character while showing signs of kindness underneath a seemingly rough exterior. When he needed to change his voice during a flashback to the character's younger years, he nailed it on the first try. The turn-around time was impressive and professional; delivering the lines quickly, clean, effectively, and with very little need for retakes. Connor completely understood and invested his talent to the character and delivered the best he can offer, I couldn't recommend him enough! Personally, I can't wait to work with him again!