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Ninth Life Inc's Previously Completed Works

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    About Good People: A Semi-Serious Study of Life, The Universe, and Heroism

    Foreword: This project will henceforth be funded by a Patreon Page. The only person I can pay with my own money is the artist I have acquired. As such, any and all applicants be aware, I need a Proof-of-concept video to entice patrons to fund me and therefore pay you. Pricing brackets will be added here soon but your first act as my talent will be free so that I may better pay you as the project progresses. I hope you all appreciate the news that there is money involved. 

    Disclaimer: As of now this will be pure audio. To that, these characters are about 90% anthro with cats as the majority. Only certain motivations and the Narrator will have explicit reminders of this even being a fact. I will list who is what for everyone's sake. Never fear, there are some humans.

    There are more roles to be added! I'm just figuring out who's a 'right now' priority and who can wait. Stay tuned!

    Our Odyssey revolves around a once normal aspiring young adult, Andy Beltz, and his drastic leap from 'artist in the making' to 'sidekick?' while exploring the true nature of what's out there, trying to win the love of his life (who coincidentally is Death incarnate), and avoid actual mortal death (which is painful).

    Angels, demons, Olympians, superheroes, MAGIC! Theres too much to actually list coherently! The story will be a journey to see the true nature of Life, The Universe, and Heroism!

    Pay Rates (based on minimum to maximum word count for your part PER CHAPTER SCRIPT chapters aren't novels)(to be finished, I'm open for negotiations):

    Your part exists in that chapter's script - $10

    Your part has up to but no more than 50 words - $20

    You have at least 51 words and no more than 150 words - $30

    Your part demands at least 151 words but no more than 450 words - $40

    (The basic idea is take the previous word count and triple it,  add $10 to the pay rate. Again, this is experimental and open for input and negotiation. I am getting this idea from a voice actor I trust and who thinks the talent is always underpayed so be aware that I feel your plight.)

    About the Creator: NinthLifeInc

    As of this moment I am but one man. I seek like minded people to aid me in my pursuit of entertainment. I do a fair amount of writing for anthro as well as non-anthro. Some of my content may seem satirical, because it is. I never blatantly attack anyone with the satire, it's just my sense of humor finding a way to entertain. It's one of the biggest reasons I do what I do.

    I've been writing screenplays that never actually go to the next level for let's say about eight or nine years and I've had some test audiences give astounding approval of my methods though some of my plot devices could use work. I'm actually in the middle of reworking that aspect.

    As for the name 'Ninth Life Inc', well its cat inspired as one could venture to guess but theres more. I've always had this childish thought that anyone or thing who has multiple chances at living will find that as they progress through their chances, life gets more fantastic and weird. It stems from gaining experience and knowledge as well as perspective. Plus, who can say you'll see things the same after dying? Life can be exciting is what I mean and it's all how its interpreted. My way involved a lot of anthro cats but to each his own.

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