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About Dhippi

"Well Hey There!"✨*Dhippi Awesomane At your Service.*✨
Omnipotent Cosmic Entity

Just a simple woman with simple goals.

Vocal Range:

  •           Mid-low Alto

  • Best known for: 

  • ️♦️ Sultry young-adult to middle-aged females, (femme fatale) 

  • ♦️ Sassy, confident, tongue-in-cheek types
    ♦️ Motherly, nurturing characters 

  • ♦️ Articulated American-English narration 

  • ♦️ Robotic/Artificial Intelligence characters  


If you'd like to know more about my work, or have any inquiries feel free to contact me at these places! 

  • Twitter

  • - Discord: Dhippi#1613 

  • - IG: DhippiAwesomane  

  • Twitch -Streaming at odd hours of the day! 

  • - Add me as a friend on Steam

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Dhippi is a very talented actress who has provided her amazing voice for multiple characters I've created over a couple mods. From a young, smart alec spy to a demon seeking to destroy all mortals in her path. She has provided her work diligently with outstanding results in both quality and quantity and will ask questions if she is not sure how to proceed in order to ensure you get the best she has to offer. In addition to this, she is a great person to know as well. Easy with her work, witty with her jokes, and chill with her personality, she is a welcome addition to any team and/or project willing to take her on. I look forward to continued cooperation with Dhippi going forward.

    The link below is only a fraction of her work for me. At the time of this recommendations writing, she has provided voice work for several characters in my upcoming mod for Fallout New Vegas, Simply Uncut - New Vegas, and she has done an outstanding job in that mod alone. I definitely recommend bringing her onboard should she audition for your project.