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About AtomicWolf

Hi, I'm Preston, I'm a voice actor from Austin, Texas. Long before VA, my only creative outlet was to write audio dramas based on my favorite video games (Fallout, Bioshock, Red Dead..), and it's a habit that's only improved over the years. Fallout more specifically introduced me to the rabbit hole that was old music and American history; so much so that I created my very own oldies app back in 2014 called A-Bomb Radio, and it's still going strong today. I love storytelling and creating things with quality as the top priority. My audio dramas are always long labors of love, but totally worth it in the end: one of them even getting a testimonial from Rick Pasqualone (the voice of Vito Scaletta from Mafia II/III). 
- Featured audio drama in 2020's HEAR Now Festival 

  • @sbretzke

    Very professional and easy to work with. Makes great radio plays on his Youtube channel!

  • @arlen-chitty

    I was cast for the role of Atlas Gangster in his BIOSHOCK AUDIO DRAMA: "12 Days to Midnight". I enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him as a voice actor and producer.

  • @denman

    Wide range, convincing, takes direction well, good to work with.

  • @fussbudgetjr

    Preston is the whole package: he's a talented writer, audio editor, internet radio producer and vlogger with a gift for genre work. Add in his recent foray into voice acting, and he's got it all. As a producer/director, he provides clear guidance, encouragement, and is always available. His vlogs provide updates to everyone on his subscriber lists (including his VAs) to keep us informed. As an actor, his broad range and good humor shine through, You won't ever regret having Preston on your team.

  • @tysonater

    I have had the pleasure of working with Preston for a few projects now after first being cast in a smaller role in one of his amazingly written and produced audio dramas. Preston is a fantastic writer, producer and extremely hard working. Not only is it a pleasure to actually hear a final product from his casting calls, which in itself doesn't always happen with other casting calls, but the quality is always superb. I will happily work with Preston whenever he may call.

  • @its_josh_vo

    I had the pleasure to work with Preston on their podcast: True Vault Escapades. Preston definitely has a knack for writing and producing compelling audio dramas. All of their characters have depth and intrigue. Communication was clear and prompt throughout. I would not hesitate to audition again for any project they are running!