Anthony Andres

Anthony Andres

From Monster to man, I am here to provide. 

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About Anthony Andres

I am an Voice-Actor who helps bring your vision to life and embodies your creations. 

I am quick to pick up new skills and am dedicated to my work. Anything from monster to man is my forte. 

I am using this site as a means of expanding my abilities, learning new techniques, and making long term connections with interesting artists.

More than anything I enjoy doing this.  

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Additional Contact Information:

Twitter: @VA_AAndres

  • @xemptful

    Andres went above and beyond what was expected of him as a VA. In addition to being prompt with delivering his lines, he also was always open to feedback and criticism. This included improving some additional lines that allowed me as a director to have some flexibility with the direction of the character. Although I wrote the script, it was truly Andres' voice that brought it to life.

  • @chrisdonahuevoa

    Very incredible voice work from Andres! Pulled off the rough-and-tough character voice with precision. Perceptive to directions & voice instructions, great with delivery time, and a sure-fire person you should hire for your projects.

  • @same-old-satellite

    Andres is perhaps a model voice actor. Wonderfully collaborative and receptive to criticism, willing to discuss ideas about his respective character, really complimentary to the material, goes above and beyond in his portrayal. As the character Tom Stone, he brought out both the harmless joking and the darker side pitch-perfectly, at times often scaring me in how well he portrayed Tom and his progression in CALLISTO. His varied takes were a joy to listen to, and his promptness and willingness in submitting lines quickly and efficiently was gratifying. If you're looking for one of the best voice actors on this site, look no further.

  • @aj-kingston

    Playing Tom in Callisto is possibly one of the roles you wouldn't be envious of. Having to play a character that is slightly annoying to begin with, then shifting into all out villain mode isn't easy and leaves the rest of the cast making jokes about your character being equivalent to one of the body's more unpleasant orifices, but being able to nail both versions of Tom and get such a visceral emotional reaction from the rest of the cast shows he's doing something very right. A joy to work with behind the scenes as well, talented and friendly to boot.

  • @celestielle

    Seriously skilled actor and all around great guy to work with. He's so clearly passionate and dedicated to his work, but makes it so easy to hate him as the villain of the piece - it's honestly impressive how well he embodies a role, and delivers! He's got a great humour about him, and it's so much fun to collaborate together to create a piece of drama. Cannot recommend enough, for his personality, drive, and impeccable performances!

  • @cailiosa

    Okay so why Anthony is not in a Hollywood movie already? I'm super serious here, Anthony is one of the best voice actors I worked with and he have such a great personality: a perfect combination between bubbly and professional. In the project I'm working in with him, he plays the antagonist, but he's making his character such a charismatic man that everyone loves to hate him. A true villain in a play is hard to play, but Anthony did an excellent job! Truly, what an honour to work with him on this project. Delivery, tonic accents and emotions, he masters them! Highly recommend!

  • @frazell

    Andres is such a brilliant and emotive actor, you can practically hear the emotion coming from the screen when you hear his lines! I'm genuinely very impressed by his dedication to playing a highly dislikable character and making you believe it! That being said, he's a lovely guy, very fun to talk to and work with, I fully recommend him to any prospective directors!

  • @sean-lambourne

    Anthony was a great actor to work with. He embraced his role as Tom in Callisto and had a blast with it. He would joke around as the character in the chats we had as a cast. It can be hard to take on the role of an annoying, irritating or even a jerk of a character but Anthony pulled it off. I definetely recommend Anthony for your projects

  • @faintly-mil

    Anthony Andres is not only a very talented voice actor, but it is clear he is incredibly dedicated and passionate about his craft. He sent me all of his lines in a very quick manner with multiple takes along with some amazing improv. He also gave me voices for some additional background characters upon request. I would highly recommend him to any other directors who are looking for an actor with effective communication, a love for voice acting and a very large range of voices.

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