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  • @illusioncanthurtme

    Trueblade1423 has years of voice experience and treats every job seriously. She puts a great amount of effort into every voice and makes each one unique.

  • @radio-squidworks

    Extremely professional and talented!
    This voice actor was an absolute pleasure to work with and made my job easy by submitting multiple takes for every line, giving each one different emotion and energy which completely exceeded my expectations and over all made my project a complete success.
    A valuable asset to any project!

    Thanks again!

    -Jimi S
    (Radio Squidworks)

  • @radio-squidworks

    An absolute pleasure to work with!
    This is one hard working and very talented Voice Actor. She completely exceeded my expectations by submitting multiple takes for every line giving each one a different variation of emotion and energy making my job MUCH easier. My project wouldn't have been as good with out her. She seems very dedicated and professional, and I hope I this isn't the last time we work together.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    -Jimi S.
    (Radio Squidworks)

  • @pumpkin-queen

    An amazing and super talented voice actres. I love how she interperts her lines, it is like she becomes the character and i love that. She does a great job at playing a 'vicim' like character and is not affraid to scream or yell in front of a microphone. She is a hard worker and hope that I may keep working together with her on following projects.

    Thanks for the amazing work!~

    -Pumpkin Queen

  • @literallydennis

    Very quick with voice work and also very good!! Never had an issue because everything was just perfect and she is very dedicated and hardworking!