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Whether it be smooth and sensual, or youthful and upbeat I variety of sounds and am flexible to meet your needs! Excel in character voices and narration, in mainly Australian (native), English and North American. I am a vocalist (4 octave range) specialising in classical, theatrical and jazz.

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About EmilyGo VO

Female, 32, Australian. 

Singer, Voice Actor, Sound Engineer and Content Creator

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Discord: EmilyGoVO#3961

An accomplished singer, actor and musician since my youth, I was a member of the Australian Youth Choir, and a regular performer throughout my high school years. But other interests took my career elsewhere and for 14 years I was a full time member of the Australian Army.
I continued my interest in singing and acting through my local theatre interest groups and I discovered my interest in voiceover through reading books to my young children. I have since spent the past seven years providing voicover and singing for indie games, animations, audio dramas, and online content creators through my sound treated home studio.

Studio Setup/ Hardware:

  • Signal Chain 1: Neauman TLM 103 (Microphone) >>Solid State Logic SSL2 (Interface) >>ProTools/ Reaper/ Adobe Audition (DAW, Recording Program)

  • Signal Chain 2: AudioTechnica AT2035>>>Focusrite Scarlet 2ndGen (Interface)>>> ProTools/ Reaper/ Adobe Audition/ OSB

  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere, Hitfilm

  • DAW: Pro Tools Artist, Adobe Audition, Reaper, Ableton Live


Closing Credits - 2022

Improvisation 101

Instructed by June Yoon

Starting voiceover rate US$ 0.25 per word for non-profit and free to view content.
Highly flexible with rates for content creators, small teams and indie projects to work within limited budgets.

Flexible with projects containing high word counts or multiple characters (up to 3),

What EmilyGo VO is looking for

Currently available for paid projects. Collaberation through familiar channels only.