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About Nikko Abanilla

Hello, my name is Nikko Abanilla. I'm a voice actor from California and I strive to do the best I can!

  • @deyoku

    Nikko NAILED the role he has been given. He understood what to do on his own and was provided me what I was in need both in time and top notch quality.

  • @thesamigirl101

    I recently cast him as my Claude VA through a discord open audition. He did an incredibly great job capturing the general feel of Claude's scheming personality. Not to mention he was very quick for his submission and a blast to work with and talk to. I definitely recommend him for new and old directors as he can also give very good insight for projects and he's very easy to work with.

  • @flip-d-switch

    While Nikko only had a few lines in my project, he has certainly made those lines count! He’s got a great voice with a wide range and a quick uptake on directing!

  • @goku_black

    Great Voice Actor

    I loved working with this guy. Easy to work around and always a laugh to have around. Very talented VA and I'd love to have him voice for me again.

  • @smashmaster

    This guy did a phenomenal job in voicing Sora from Kingdom Hearts for a project I'm working on: Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Very talented Voice Actor. Has an amazing voice range. A nice guy to work with. Directors, if you need a voice actor, hire this man.

  • @pat-kerley

    The power, the energy, the absolute magnetism of Nikko as a VA is honestly astonishing, I found myself looking forward to every audio he would send forward as it would brighten up my day! Nikko has been working on a few comic dub projects for me and I couldn't imagine him not in this project now. He delivers audio promptly and is a very easy individual to get along with. I can't recommend Nikko highly enough!

  • @skeever

    Nikko has a real talent for voice acting, I enjoyed working with him and his lines are among the funniest in my script and not because of my writing, rather his special take on things and how he implemented his lines. He gave quality work and audio.

  • @wr0ng_way

    Very fun to work with! Easy to get through and a fast responder! Definitely recommend!

  • @kof_digital

    Killer reads! Love it! I requested riffs and those were great too! Awesome work and quick turn around! Highly recommend!

  • @dblatch97

    I had cast Nikko in a very specific role. I was expecting to not get what I needed from whoever I cast, but Nikko not only met every standard I had, but made the character his own. He has that it factor that is very hard to find, and would be a great addition to any project.

  • @maxiiii

    Nikko is absolutely amazing at giving characters expression and feeling!! And is very fast when it comes to sending voice lines!!

  • @louis_angerer

    Nikko is an absolute pro! He has an incredible range in his voice, puts so much energy, emotion and depth into the character AND he's always super professional and friendly. Even if things have to be done quickly, you can rely on Nikoo 100%. Thank you for making our project stand out!

  • @mariskyva

    Amazing VA, amazing big brother, amazing friend. What more can you ask for? XD

    But seriously, get this man on your VA team!

  • @deleted663012

    Nikko is a powerhouse! He was quick and responded in a timely fashion! He went above and beyond on the project and he gave such good quality work! I'll be working with him again! 

  • @zen0

    Nikko Abanilla was a very very talented voice talent who worked on me with an episode of a series I have recently premiered. He was an amazing voice talent who not only delivered his lines but was able to make any changes that were necessary to the project. One of the most professional and friendly voice actors I've come across. I can't wait to work with him further on future projects. 

    - F1nch from Team Meltdown

  • @kof_digital

    Having worked with the very talented Nikko Abanilla previously I was very glad to see his submission to my current project. Great voice and great quality work! I would defiantly work with again. If you get a chance to cast them do it!

  • @v-meister71

    Nikko is awesome! I had them voice for a comic dub for my youtube channel, and their voice for the role perfectly. Their lines were also sent in on time as well. I really like that I was able to work with someone as good and professional as Nikko, and I definitely recommend them 100%!

  • @silverdreamyrose

    Nikko is one of the best Va's out there! He takes direction perfectly and brings any character to life with his take! I highly recommend hiring him for projects and jobs to voice in the future~.

  • @mavvo

    I am SO LUCKY I got Nikko-Abanilla to be a part of my project! The quality of his acting AND set-up is PROFESSIONAL! He provided the needed media files to me in a timely manner and is an excellent communicator. Thank you Nikko for all you do! From a fan follower, -Meng

  • @manuelb

    Versatile and reliable. Would recommend!