Hunter Houser

Hunter Houser

Creative Writing Major, Voice Acting Hobbyist!

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About Hunter Houser

       I'm a Junior Creative Writing Major looking to get my voice out there. I have a very wide range of skills in the fine arts. I'm willing to try new things voice acting-wise. and willing to do a wide variety of characters. If you'd like further Demo information just send a message.

What Hunter Houser is looking for

I like voicing interesting characters. I'm also more invested in original works. Don't be afraid to contact me, Id love to chat if you have something specific to discuss! Also as a writer, I can also do scripts as well, just saying!

  • @wingedunicorn

    Aliester played "Jack-in-the-Box" in my audio Roleplay/Story "The Rat Princess" and he was simply hilarious! He is an excellent voice actor and has some good range with his voice. Not to mention how well working with him is, I managed t get his lines in down and send them to me in such a short window (sorry about that!)