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I started voicing from inside a box, but I never stopped thinking outside it! Check out my biggest role yet in @InescapableGame on Twitter! You can follow me @BoxBooth_VA, and find me on Discord at BoxBooth_VA#3514!
I am a Voice Actor
I've been in voice acting for around two years at this point and I'm proud to have come as far as I have. I've voiced in animations, narration, and even a character in a game coming to the PS5! I pride myself on keeping a flexible range and being easy to work with and never settling for less than 100% on my work, that's a guarantee. 
Speaks: english
Hello! My name is Marlon Philip, a 2D Animator from Norway!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor

Caligo Tales Animation
2D Characters
3D Stylized Backgrounds-Software:Blender / Grease Pencil    |    Adobe Premiere Pro   |    Audition
Norwegian beginner voice actor
I am a Voice Actor
My name is William, i am from Norway (scandinavia) and i am a beginner voice actor looking to improve my voice acting skills. i am always open to any tips and feedback to improve!
microphone: Beacn micdiscord - kio0001 (open dms)
Search all 811 voice actor norweigan profiles