Voice Acting, Production, Directing, Video Editing, Audio Engineering and 100% TOTAL NERRRRD

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About Gramsy

I'm a professional voice actor who mostly just does it for fun now or whenever I have time for extra jobs, but currently am running my own VR marketing agency where we handle everything from promotions, events, management, and even run and operate production and talent acquisition side of things for VR games and projects!


It's hard to give a specific rate. Pricing depends entirely on how involved the work is, how time consuming it is, and how much detail is required. If it requires some basic line recitation and will take a few minutes expect a lower quote. Days or weeks of mastering a character? Probably expect more. Reach out to me and communicate your needs as best as you can, and we can work out the broad strokes together.

What Gramsy is looking for

I'm available to do paid voice acting only as of right now. As much as I love voice acting and wish I could devote every moment of the day to it, I run my own social media marketing company during the day, so my time is extremely limited. Offers must be paid only unfortunately.