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I am a Voice Actor
Hey, everyone. My name is DeeKar and I'm a voice actor for fun. In the future, I might pursue a career in VA work but as of now I just do fun little projects as a hobby. My goal on this platform is to improve my craft and meet amazing people along the way.
My name is George, known as Tris Dubs on YouTube, I'm an 18 year old actor and casting director.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Interested in Live acting, TV and Film acting, directing and casting! 
List of shows I've been a part of, and characters I've voiced: 
Winx Club: Tecna, Sky, Brandon, Helia, Palladium, Knut, Andy, Zing, Jolly, Digit, SponsusAngel's Friends: Andrew, Malakai, TerensMonster High: Clawd Wolf, Heath Burns, Cow MonsterDescendants: Ben, JayMiraculous: PlaggEver After High: Dexter Charming
Skills and Interests: directing voice casting
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, and Live Actor
As someone who grew up with a lot of entertainment media I always wanted to create things, whether it was my own IP's or working on someone else's projects. I just want to create something. It is easy to destroy but it is more fun to create. I can draw, paint, design (both traditional and digital), do stop - motion animation and perform a multitude of voices due to imitating and learning from other artists. I've studied at an Art school in Serbia and before that I regularly went on weekends to a Comic book drawing class where I learned most of what I know today. The voices and 2D Animation I have learned on my own.
I've been spitting all over microphones for over 6 years, and have been mixing and engineering audio for just as many. I like to explore my range, and I still haven't found the end of it. Let's have some good fun together
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Director
I'm passionate about Voicework, Mixing and engineering audio, sound designing and so much more. I'm looking to put the skills I've developed in all those areas over the years to good by applying them to all of your amazing projects! 
Cheers, and happy creating!
Voice Description: male adult male teen
Your desired voice for any VO/VA project
I am a Voice Actor
Highschool Multimedia teacher and a aspiring Voice Actor. 24 years old and a knack for all projects relating to fantasy, animation and story narration!
The everyman voice that every man wished he had. Baritone, storytelling, sometimes sexy.
I am a Voice Actor
With 17 years in broadcast radio, as an announcer, a producer, a program manager, a news anchor, a talk-show host, and a commercial voice artist, Steve was a DJ on KXLR, KWLF, KOOL, KWWD and KTDZ, a talk show host and news anchor on KFAR, and his voice was used in thousands of commercials across the radio dial. Now working from his own studio, he specializes in full-length audiobooks, with over 100 titles available on Audible.He uses his extensive world travel (India, Morocco, Cuba, et cetera) as well as his time as a human Intelligence Collector for the U.S. Army (Bosnia Peacekeeper in the 1990s) as inspiration for the accents he implements. As a polyglot, he can also perform in French, Spanish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, and limited Mandarin Chinese.
Skills and Interests: audacity
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
A young University professor of English looking to rekindle her love of Voice Acting and Drama Arts, and involve herself in projects that require passion, vocal versatility, and creativity.My hobbies include:- playing tabletop games, video games, and board games- reading fantasy books- listening to metal music on vinyls.
Skills and Interests: audacity
 Steady, Ready and Jumping Spaghetti. If you need someone for manga/comics, animations, video games, etc, I'm here.
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
>Y'ello! Name's Lukas, and I come from South Eastern / Central Europe in the Balkans! Namely, Serbia. I know how to read Russian and speak with an accent, however, I also have went on a few tournaments from English classes and I am pretty much fluent in it! British and American accent alike.|>My voice is a mid - low range and microphone quality is great alongside with me fixing up my own recordings in Audacity! So if you need someone for voice acting, don't be a stranger and look at my submissions, and see if you would like me to participate! I am always down for anything.
Setup: audacity
Voice Description: male teen male young adult
Hello! I am Stefania and I am a voice actress.I look forward to cooperating!
I am a Voice Actor
Working languages:English, Serbian, Croatian, Greek
Skills and Interests: audacity Figma html coding python
Hey! I'm a female voice actor and a translator with 6+ languages!:) If u need a quick voiceover in a few days, I'm in!My Discord: firochka. 
I am a Voice Actor
Hello!My name's Fira and Im voice acting for 3 years on. English is not my native language, but still, I've been learning it for 9 years(B2-C1 lvl). Moreover, I'm a linguist(+6 languages) and a translator. I can work for more than 6-7 hours. I'm conscientious about completing tasks, always meet the promised deadlines and just a positive person!^^I'm already working in projects such as Okane and AniBreeze as a voice actor and a translator.My Discord nickname: firochka.
Skills and Interests: reaper reaper editing