About Wyatt

I am the actor man! I am here to be whoever I need to be for the right role. I'm not gonna lie and say I hope this service doesn't lead to somewhere productive, but I am here to have fun and have new experiences and meet talented people.

I also am the creator and lead director of CBW Productions

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I am auditioning for your project unprompted, then I am fully complying with your project standards (paid/non-paid) but if you reach out to ME to be a part of your project, do be aware that I have a starting rate of $25 per episode of whatever project you are directing. You don't have to pay me upfront but payment will be expected.

  • @darealgwac

    Wyatts a great person all around. Fun to work with, and a great, strong voice for male voices. Would reccomend for any strong male character.

  • @moorenarration

    I always appreciate working with a creator who is as kind as they are talented. To be able to be a character in a universe I have often wished to be a part of has been a blast, and I am forever grateful! 

  • @henry-schultz

    Not only is Wyatt a fantastic, versatile actor, he's a kind person who's great to work with as well! I was amazed by his skills as an actor when we started working on the same audio series, but he was then kind enough to have me be part of his own project as well. I would highly recommend him for any project!

  • @spacewiz217

    Wyatt is such an incredibly talented and passionate person. He absolutely goes above and beyond with his performances and dedication. He's super nice and very punctual. He is a great person to work with, you definitely want him on your cast. 

  • @joshua_pedder

    Lines were delivered right on time and were exactly how I wanted! 

  • @doctor_throwback

    I’ve only known him for a short time but this man here has been a friend like no other. He has shown constant encouragement and an overwhelmingly positive amount of brotherly love. I can’t believe I get to work for and with such a talented individual and I cannot recommend him highly enough! To you, Wyatt, I tip my hat! To those of you smart enough to cast him, I promise that you will not regret it.

  • @almibui

    Wyatt is a natural leader and a humble peer. Working with him has been nothing short of easy and fun. He is quick to respond and always has a smile one his face. As a director, he is understanding and fair when it comes to workload and deadlines. As a fellow actor, he is enthusiastic to perform his tasks and he performs them with immeasurable energy. If you are given the opportunity to work with Wyatt, seize it. You won’t regret having him on your side.

  • @andrec

    I haven't known Wyatt for a long time, however I cannot stress enough just how much of a joy and privelege it is to work with him. He is extremely dedicated to all of his works, a very talented writer and actor, always has a postive mindset and just all around a very likeable and fun person. Wyatt is a man who you should definetely work with!

  • @snowbender

    Wyatt is professional, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with.  As a writer, he is top-notch and his scripts are a joy to perform.  I would absolutely work with him on a project again, any time!

  • @whi_24

    I cannot recommend them enough. Their voice is amazing for basically anything (I totally recommend you to get him to do a cool speech of some sort), they get their lines in on time, and they are super easy to work with. If you want someone you can rely on who gives you lines of insanely good quality, then I totally recommend him. He did a fantastic job and I hope to work with him on more projects.

  • @oldbobfett

    I've worked with Wyatt on a handful of projects and his talent knows no bounds!  A skilled VA mixed with a kind, and honest director, mashed in with a talented writer...I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy working with him and the other people brought into his projects!

  • @jamesl

    After listening to just the first episode of our project together, Batman: Year One, it's clear that Wyatt has great attention to detail and a clear vision for the project. Glad to be a part of it and to hear what is yet to come. Great communication and encouragement throughout.