Director, Writer, Actor, you name it! I was taught how to do all of them in High School! For voice acting, my range is mainly a male teenage or young adult voice. If you ever need that for your project, I will gladly take it!

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About Kanoa

Hello Everybody! GoodBlueBloxz here. I am a High School student who has the dreams of being a Movie Director and an Actor. I have taken classes like "Theater Workshop" and "Acting Studio" to learn more about the Entertainment Industry.

I have made this account in the wonderful website, "CastingCallClub" to give me a head start to my movie directing and acting dreams. I make fun fan-dubs or original content as a Director where I will host main casting calls. But I also will accept a casting call myself, and practice my skills as a voice actor.

Anyways, that's mostly about me. Thank you all for reading, and I will see you all in the auditions!


I'll usually do any of my jobs for free, but if I'm getting paid for it, that is perfectly fine with me.

What Kanoa is looking for

I usually look for pretty much any job available, ranging to a fun fandub or an original project! 

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    Best friend in high school, also interested in voice acting and expanding my knowledge in the industry of creative writing and production.

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    I just had to take a moment to share my admiration for Kanoa. You know me—I can sometimes be a bit chatty, but today, I just want to express how awesome he is. He shared his dream with me, and I couldn't be more excited for him. Dreaming of becoming a Director, and I sincerely hope his dream blossoms into reality. Kanoa will forever be my Best Friend Forever and Over Everything (BFFAOE).

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