Writer, Character designer and developer, voice actor, artist. Currently applying for VA and writer jobs.
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About Sammyliscious

Hey, I'm Sammy!

- A writer, VA, artist, and character designer

- Currently casting people for projects while working for others.

- Always open to help others! If you need help, I'm here for you!

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All for free unless specified otherwise!

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  • @katabelle

    The raddest writer & designer around! Thanks for casting me!!!

  • @daksdoesstuff

    Provided such a unique voice for one of my roles. Thank you so much!

  • @newjerseyartist

    I've known Sam for a while now ever since she auditioned for "Strange Journey II" as the voice of Patricia and "The Pound Puppies Movie" as the voice of Whopper. She did a great job with voicing characters in these projects, and I am grateful that she had the desire to actually try out in some of my dumb, silly projects. XD But, in all seriousness, Sam is without a doubt a fantastic voice actress. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. She has what every VA working today has: passion, talent, and character. Those are three things that every character created needs in terms of not only likability but being relatable. That's what Sam has, and I can't recommend her enough for it.

  • @LinnaDeveloper

    She's amazing! I really really really reccomend everyone to commission her.