I have zero idea what I'm supposed to put here but...Hello!

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About Mia.the_Artist

Hello! I'm Mia Goldberg, a 20 year-old amateur VA stationed in Pennsylvania who has been doing VA-work since 2018!

While my Demo-Reel is still currently in the works, I generally specialize in feminine or androdgynous voices ranging anywhere from Medium-High pitched to lower range. From wispy, to monotone, to energetic, if you need someone to provide a voice for your project, then I would be more than happy to help!

I also am the Projectrunner for Danganronpa: Project Paradigm, an upcoming video-series that is a spin-off of the Danganronpa Franchise!

Here are some of my current known Roles/Voice Credits:

  • Yua Tomoe-DR Wilting Lotus

  • Seyonaru Zankoku-DR Salvations Fears

  • Hinoe Shuurai-DR Primetime

  • Amy Miller- Re:Danganronpa Refresh Retreat

  • Ouji Bunjiro- Hyper Danganronpa Blades of Despair

  • Rise Kisaki-McCarthy Academy

  • Lapis "Zuli" Lazuli- Blindsided Project

  • Angelica Raven-LEAL

  • Shizuka-Team Exorcist

  • Tara Jasmine-Little Rockstars

  • Paige- Calamity Island

(And Many More!)

If you ever wish to reach out to me for any inquiries, my social medias are located below:


Discord: @Mia.the_Artist

Instagram: @mia.the_artist 

Twitter: @Nazomeita8503  

Email: mia.the.artistvo@ gmail.com

  • @yumi_ren_

    Mia is a great friend :D! Anyways on a related note, she is very versatile with her voice range and I have heard a lot of her different voices and heard some auditions she had done. I am in a project with her and she's amazing to work with too!

    Sorry for making this short. I would made this longer, but my brain is dead ;-;

  • @stqrrykei

    Mia has to be one of the most kindest and organized voice actor I’ve ever met! As someone who’s managed her on several projects before, I can say that she’s amazingly consistent and incredible at what she does. She’s really able to portray her characters emotions with all she’s got! :D

  • @turgize

    I have worked with Mia on many different projects and she is utterly amazing. I'm not just saying this as her partner but as a co-worker. She is fast with her lines, very responsive, kind, east to work with, and in general, just an amazing person overall. With her on your team you'll get so much done and an amazing person to boot!