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About Madeleine

Hi, All! You can call me ALLEVEIATE (she/her)!
I will give each recording my 110% effort and absolutely can’t wait to work with you. 😄

- 17 years of Acting Experience  (8 years of conservatory training, BFA in Acting degree)
- 14 years of Singing Experience (Mezzo-Soprano/Alto)
- Standard American Accent
- Voice-acting range approx. 16-30 years old 
- I’ve been described as having a “soothing, motherly voice," as well as a "teen boy straight-from-the-shonen voice," which naturally sits in a mid to low female range. I have often been asked to narrate books and film footage because of this. I’ve primarily worked, however, in comedy! I love to utilize my range to play character and creature roles and am always up for playing a voice type other than my natural sound... Check out my CREDITS BELOW for more samples!

- My timezone is CST

- Most easily reached via CCC DMs or Discord (alleveiate#8581)
- Always online and almost always available for short-notice recording/auditions

Looking for a voice actor who’s organized, versatile, hardworking, and credited? 
I hope I can alleviate your needs and team up with you for some awesome content! 


I am only working for PAID PROJECTS. If you'd like to negotiate payment, feel free to send a message!

What Madeleine is looking for


Reoccurring Narrator

for Audible Audiobooks

Audivita Audiobooks,

Beacon Audiobooks,

Deyan Audio

and Lantern Audio

Reoccurring Writer / Editor / Voice Actor

for University Radio on Spotify (Miss Snake) 

Reoccurring Dub Translator

for Studio Smile in Sweden


Towa - Imposter Chi-Chi

(Diamond Dubs)

Sally Acorn / Nights - Antoons Direct 2023


America Chavez - Multiverse of Mayhem Stop Motion: Pt. 6

(Vanimation Films)

Padme Amidala - What If Darth Vader Spoke To Padme's Ghost?            

(Fantasy Folklore)

Kurenai Sensei - What If Naruto Met Tanjiro? Episode 3

(Lunar Hoshi Productions)

Padme AmidalaWhat If Ahsoka Tano JOINED Anakin Skywalker?               

(Fantasy Folklore)

RarityJingle All The Way 2: Lost In Toronto Movie                                                                     


Huihana - The Call of The Flame, Book 2: Chapter 13 (pt. II)

(Rubbish Log)

Deputy Lauren Towney / Helen - The Road of Shadows: Beyond the Dark Podcast

(Mark R. Healy, Beyond The Dark Podcast)

Young Boy / Southern Dialect AI Voice Actor

for UberDuck AI

Lusamine - Sun & Moon Rewrites: LILLE GETS KIDNAPPED


Rarity - The Support A Girl Needs

(Hooded Chaos Productions)

Lusamine - Sun & Moon Rewrites: THE AETHER FOUNDATION


Huihana - The Call of The Flame, Book 2: Chapter 13 (pt. I) (Starting 18:15)

(Rubbish Log)

Mary Jane / Spinneret - Spinneret 

(Oliver Flicks)

Superwoman / America Chavez - Multiverse of Mayhem Stop Motion: Pt. 4

(Vanimation Films)

Padme Amidala - What If Darth Vader SAVED Padme With Time Travel?
(Fantasy Folklore)

Lucy Loud - Lincoln Loud's Defbed


Rouge Bat - Awkward

(Hooded Chaos Productions)

Rey - Star Wars Voiceover: Han Solos' Death
(The Shape Shifter VA)

Rosalina / Toad / Toadette / Daisy - Super Luigi Wedding


Narration - Orphan Outreach Wow

(Orphan Outreach)

Wrinkly Kong - Tiny Kong Halloween
(Hooded Chaos Productions)

Konan - Akatsuki Halloween Comic Dub

(Uzumaki Realms)

Padme Amidala - Star Wars Voiceover: Anakin VS. Obi-Wan
(The Shape Shifter VA)

Amity Blight - Halloween Costumes
(Hooded Chaos Productions)

Amity Blight - Easy Money
(Hooded Chaos Productions)

Specialist Traynor - Mass Effect 3 Dub: Hackett's Speech
(The Shape Shifter VA)

Rouge Bat - Vanilla's Concern For Amy

(Hooded Chaos Productions)

Narration - Melody (A Rewriting Extinction Webtoon)

Mina Nador - The Madness of Chartrulean
(Packhowl Media)

Mrs. Salazar - Ninja Audio Drama
(Jordan Taper)

America Chavez - Superman VS Hulk (Part 1) Stop Motion
(Vanimation Films)

Starfire - Teen Titans Stop Motion

Muscle Girl Waitress - Tomboy GF 3 (Comic Dub)

(BitWich Entertainment)

Mom - Woke (A Rewriting Extinction Webtoon)

Padme Amidala - Star Wars Voiceover: Captain Thorn's Last Stand
 (The Shape Shifter VA)

Maeve (The First Fae) - The Call of The Flame, Book 2: Chapter 12 (Starting 5:24)
(Rubbish Log)

Aqua - Kingdom Hearts Parody Dub Compilation

Tails - Sonic Madness

Dramatic Girl - Antoon Drama 2 Endgame

Steph - Easy Money || Somewhere In Space

Mary Jane (MJ) - The Amazing Spider-Man Stop-Motion Series
(Vanimation Films)

Alice - Sword Art Online Dub Compilation
(Lunar Hoshi Productions)

Mama Bear - The Squirrel Who Saved Christmas
(Lunar Hoshi Productions)

Narration - Orphan Outreach Marketplace
(Orphan Outreach)

Caroline: Southern Dialect AI Voice Actor
for Replica Studios

Misty - Ash Ketchum’s Defbed

Akagi’s Mom - Fate/Type Redline: Comic Dub
(BitWich Entertainment)

Reporter - Internet Cartoon Saga

Gwen - Duncan’s Defbed

Tanner / Reporter - The Strata#1 Sci-Fi Apple Podcast in 18 Countries!
(Mark R. Healy, Beyond The Dark Podcast)

JessieptiC (Green) - Among Us: Skeldburg, OH
(SMJ and Henri Sudy)


Rey - Star Wars: The Chosen One (Episode X) Feature Film
(The Last Prophecy Gaming)

Amara's MomWelcome to the Brass Eagle

(Connor Bushoven)

Tsunade - Evil Naruto Comic Dub
(Uzumaki Realms)

Seamstress Alma - Coalesce: Crimson Chronicles Audio Drama
(Lunar Hoshi Productions)

Stryder / Jules - The Ageless' Backstory

Kikyo - What If: Naruto Lived In Feudal Japan? Series
(Uzumaki Realms)

Kikyo - What If: Sasuke Lived In Feudal Japan? Series
(Uzumaki Realms)

Tsunade - Naruto Reboot Series


Tonna - Nightshade Academy Audio Series
(Mel Torrefranca)

Rarity - You Got Me, I Got Us 3 Audio Series
(MC- Arch)

Rarity - My Little Pony Original Stories
(Lunar Hoshi Productions)

Mary Smith - Planet Nine, Season One
(All The Audio)

Paige Loanna - How Greatness Ends: The Video Game

Maleficent - Kingdom Hearts Visual Audiobook

Recovery Girl / Extra Voices - My Hero Academia: Cherry Blossom Fan Dub
(Cherry Blossom Dub Studios)

Geraldine - The Mistress Fox-Thief: Shiro

Dewey - Cowboy BeBridged, Episode 8

Haruka Manami, The Sound Pillar - Demon Slayer: Breathe and Live Series
(SunlightYellow VA)

Sonic’s Mom - Sonic High School Animated Parody Series

The Ninth Sister - The Ultimate Revenge of The Sith Movie
(Lego My Jango)

Additional Voices - Wastelands: Book 1 of The Godsfall Chronicles
(Half-Drunk Wanderer)

  • @jt424

    Madeleine voiced Mrs. Salazar in my audiobook, "Ninja." Mrs.Salazar is the chief of police and the mom of one of the main characters, Adam. Madeleine was amazing! She was able to make Mrs. Salazar sound strong, confident, protective, motherly, caring and loving all at the same time. I hope she gets to do more voice work in the future. She's great!

  • @deyoku

    Great voice and greaaaat attitude. I loved working with Madeleine, surely you would too!

  • @MrQuax

    Alleviate is an amazing voice actor and is extremely talented.  I have been both a peer and a manager of hers on projects, and both times, she presented her lines perfectly

  • @killua_ki

    I am mad at myself for not sending this sooner! Madeleine is an AMAZING VA. She takes every project to heart and always seems super eager to take anything on. I am always surprised by her roles and performances, and I look forward to what she can do in the future. I have had her for quite a few projects ongoing and not, and she is super patient and excited for her next gig. Thanks for all that you do!